What brewery did Cape May brewery buy?

Answered by Cody Janus

Cape May Brewery recently made an exciting announcement about their plans to acquire the assets of a fellow craft brewer in New Jersey, Flying Fish Brewing Company. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for Cape May Brewery and the craft beer industry in the state.

The decision to acquire Flying Fish Brewing Company is a strategic move by Cape May Brewery to expand its presence and strengthen its position in the New Jersey craft beer market. Both breweries have made a name for themselves in the industry, and this acquisition will bring together their respective expertise, resources, and loyal customer bases.

As an avid craft beer enthusiast, I have had the pleasure of enjoying beers from both Cape May Brewery and Flying Fish Brewing Company. I must say that both breweries have consistently impressed me with their quality and innovation. Each has its unique style and offerings, and I cannot help but be excited about the possibilities that this acquisition will bring.

By acquiring Flying Fish Brewing Company, Cape May Brewery will not only gain access to their brewing equipment, facilities, and distribution network but also inherit their skilled team of brewers and staff. This will undoubtedly enhance Cape May Brewery’s capabilities and enable them to produce an even wider range of exceptional beers.

One of the things I admire about Cape May Brewery is their commitment to local sourcing and supporting the community. They have built strong relationships with local farmers, using locally grown ingredients whenever possible. I hope that this acquisition will provide an opportunity for Flying Fish Brewing Company to continue this tradition and further contribute to the local economy.

From a consumer’s perspective, this acquisition also presents exciting prospects. It means that we can look forward to new collaborations, limited edition releases, and perhaps even the revival of some beloved Flying Fish Brewing Company recipes under the Cape May Brewery umbrella. The combined expertise of these two breweries will undoubtedly result in some incredible beer offerings for us to enjoy.

The acquisition of Flying Fish Brewing Company by Cape May Brewery is a significant development in the New Jersey craft beer scene. It brings together two respected craft brewers, combining their strengths, expertise, and resources. As a craft beer enthusiast, I am eagerly awaiting the exciting new beers and collaborations that will emerge from this acquisition.