What blocks can light travel through Minecraft?

Answered by John Hunt

In Minecraft, there are several types of transparent blocks that allow light to pass through them. These blocks not only add aesthetic value to your builds but also serve functional purposes in providing lighting solutions. Let’s explore some of the blocks that allow light to travel through them in the game.

1. Glass: Glass is one of the most commonly used transparent blocks in Minecraft. It allows light to pass through it, making it ideal for windows, skylights, and other architectural features. Glass blocks can be obtained by smelting sand in a furnace or by mining them from desert and beach biomes.

2. Ice: Ice blocks in Minecraft are also transparent and allow light to travel through them. They are great for creating icy structures or adding a cool touch to your builds. However, it’s worth noting that ice blocks will melt if exposed to a light source with a heat level of 12 or higher.

3. Sea Lantern: Sea lanterns are unique light-emitting blocks found in ocean monuments. They emit a vibrant, aqua-colored light and can be placed underwater or on land. Not only do they allow light to pass through them, but they also provide a decorative lighting option for underwater bases or themed builds.

4. Glowstone: Glowstone is a radiant block that emits a strong light source. It can be found in the Nether or crafted by combining glowstone dust obtained from breaking glowstone blocks. Glowstone is an excellent choice for lighting up large areas or creating intricate lighting designs due to its high brightness level.

5. Leaves: Certain types of leaves, such as oak or birch leaves, allow light to pass through them. However, this feature is dependent on the graphics settings you have enabled in the game. Leaves can be used to create natural-looking foliage while still allowing light to permeate, adding a soft glow to your surroundings.

6. Frosted Ice: Unlike regular ice blocks, frosted ice is slightly opaque but still allows light to pass through it. It forms when ice blocks are exposed to a light level of 12 or higher. Frosted ice can be used to create unique lighting effects or as a decorative block in icy-themed builds.

7. Observer: Although primarily known for its redstone functionality, the observer block is also transparent and allows light to travel through it. It can detect changes in its surroundings and emit a redstone signal accordingly. The observer block is often used in redstone contraptions or automatic farm designs.

These are just a few examples of transparent blocks that allow light to pass through them in Minecraft. Experimenting with different combinations and placements of these blocks can help you create stunning lighting effects and enhance the ambiance of your builds. So, let your creativity shine and illuminate your Minecraft world!