What birds are not allowed in Hawaii?

Answered by James Kissner

Birds that are not allowed in Hawaii include certain domestic races of pigeons, such as the Rock Doves. These pigeons are known for their wild ancestors that were found in Europe, North Africa, and western Asia. However, the specific domestic races that are not allowed in Hawaii are those that have been selectively bred for various traits, such as different plumage colors or patterns, body shapes, or flying abilities.

Similarly, there are restrictions on domestic races of Muscovy ducks in Hawaii. Muscovy ducks are originally native to Central and South America but have been domesticated and bred in various parts of the world. While Muscovy ducks are allowed in Hawaii, certain domestic races or varieties may be prohibited due to concerns about potential impacts on native plants and animals.

Graylag geese and swan geese are also not allowed in Hawaii. Graylag geese are native to Europe and parts of Asia, while swan geese are native to eastern Asia. These geese have been introduced to various parts of the world for ornamental purposes or as game birds. However, they are not permitted in Hawaii due to the potential risk of them escaping or spreading diseases to native bird populations.

The regulations surrounding the importation and ownership of these birds in Hawaii are in place to protect the unique and fragile ecosystems of the islands. Hawaii is home to many endangered and endemic species of birds, and the introduction of non-native birds can disrupt these delicate ecosystems and lead to the decline or extinction of native species.

Personally, as an avid bird enthusiast, I have had the opportunity to observe and appreciate the diversity of bird species in different parts of the world. While it can be exciting to encounter new and exotic bird species, it is crucial to respect and follow the regulations set forth by local authorities to ensure the preservation of native ecosystems.

Certain domestic races of pigeons, such as Rock Doves, as well as specific domestic races of Muscovy ducks, graylag geese, and swan geese, are not allowed in Hawaii. These restrictions aim to protect the native bird species and ecosystems of the islands.