What beer is drank on Chicago PD?

Answered by Jason Smith

On the TV show Chicago PD, the beer that is often portrayed being consumed by the characters is the Heisler Beer or Heisler Gold Ale brand. This brand of beer has become quite popular in the entertainment industry as a prop and is frequently seen in movies and TV shows.

The Heisler brand of beer is actually a fictional brand created by Independent Studio Services (ISS), a company that specializes in providing props for the entertainment industry. They have a wide range of products that they offer, including food and beverage props like the Heisler beer.

The reason why the Heisler brand is so commonly used in TV shows and movies is because it is a generic-looking beer that does not have any real-world associations. This allows the production to avoid any potential legal issues or advertising conflicts that could arise from using a real brand of beer.

In terms of the specific type of beer that is portrayed on Chicago PD, it is often shown as either Heisler Beer or Heisler Gold Ale. These names are interchangeable and are used to represent a generic beer brand within the show.

It’s important to note that the Heisler brand is not an actual beer that you can purchase in real life. It is purely a fictional brand created for use in the entertainment industry. So if you’re a fan of Chicago PD and were hoping to try the beer that the characters drink, unfortunately, it doesn’t exist outside of the show.

The beer that is portrayed being consumed on Chicago PD is the Heisler Beer or Heisler Gold Ale brand, which is a fictional brand created by Independent Studio Services. While it may not be a real beer, it has become a popular prop in the entertainment industry due to its generic appearance and lack of real-world associations.