What beer is closest to a sour?

Answered by Jason Smith

When it comes to beers that are closest to a sour, there are a few different options to consider. While nothing can truly replicate the unique flavors and characteristics of a sour beer, there are some styles that come close in terms of acidity, tartness, and complexity.

1. Gose: Gose is a traditional German beer style that has a slightly sour and salty taste. It is brewed with coriander and salt, which adds a unique flavor profile. Gose is generally light in body with a crisp and refreshing character. While it may not have the same level of acidity as a true sour beer, its tartness and subtle sourness make it a good alternative.

2. Berliner Weisse: Berliner Weisse is another German beer style that is known for its sourness. It is typically low in alcohol and has a light, effervescent body. Berliner Weisse is often served with fruit syrups to balance out the tartness, but it can also be enjoyed on its own for a more sour experience. This beer style is a great choice for those who enjoy a lighter, more refreshing sour beer.

3. American Wild Ale: American wild ales are a diverse category of beers that are intentionally soured using wild yeast and bacteria. They can vary greatly in terms of flavor, acidity, and complexity. Some American wild ales can be intensely sour, while others may have a more subtle tartness. These beers often undergo fermentation and aging in oak barrels, which adds additional layers of complexity to the flavor profile.

4. Belgian Lambic: Belgian lambics are perhaps the closest you can get to a true sour beer. They are spontaneously fermented using wild yeast and bacteria, resulting in a complex and tart flavor. Lambics can be quite sour, with flavors ranging from fruity and citrusy to funky and barnyard-like. They are often blended to create gueuze, a traditional Belgian style that combines young and aged lambics for a balanced and complex taste.

It’s worth noting that while these styles may come close to a sour beer, they each have their own unique characteristics and flavors. The best way to truly experience a sour beer is to try one for yourself. Explore different breweries and styles to find the sour beer that suits your taste preferences. Cheers!