What ATM is free for Chime?

Answered by John Hunt

As a Chime member, I’m always on the lookout for fee-free ATMs to avoid those pesky charges. Luckily, Chime has a vast network of over 60,000 fee-free in-network ATMs available for its members to use. It’s super convenient and saves me money!

To find a fee-free ATM near me, all I have to do is download the Chime mobile app and tap on the ATM map. This nifty feature allows me to locate the nearest fee-free ATMs in my area with just a few taps on my phone.

When it comes to fee-free transactions, Chime has partnerships with various ATM networks such as Moneypass, Allpoint, and Visa Plus Alliance. These partnerships enable Chime members to enjoy fee-free transactions at specific ATMs within these networks.

If I happen to come across a Moneypass ATM located in a 7-Eleven store, I can make fee-free transactions there. It’s incredibly convenient since 7-Eleven stores are quite common and can be found in many locations.

Additionally, Chime members can also enjoy fee-free transactions at any Allpoint or Visa Plus Alliance ATM. These ATMs are widely available and can be found in various locations across the country. With such a large network, I rarely have to worry about finding a fee-free ATM while I’m out and about.

To sum it up, Chime offers its members access to a network of over 60,000 fee-free in-network ATMs. This includes Moneypass ATMs located in 7-Eleven stores, as well as Allpoint and Visa Plus Alliance ATMs. With the Chime mobile app and its ATM map feature, I can easily locate fee-free ATMs near me and save money on transaction fees. It’s a win-win situation for Chime members like me!