What are the names of the original fortnite map?

Answered by Michael Wilson

The original Fortnite map, also known as the Battle Royale map, was launched with the game in 2017. It consisted of several named locations and a few unnamed landmarks. Let’s delve into the details:

1. Greasy Grove: This location was a popular spot on the map, featuring a fast food restaurant and various other buildings. It had an urban theme and often attracted many players due to the abundance of loot.

2. Pleasant Park: Located in the northwest corner of the map, Pleasant Park was a residential area with multiple houses and a soccer field at its center. It offered a mix of close-quarters combat and open spaces.

3. Retail Row: Positioned in the southern part of the map, Retail Row was a shopping district with several stores and a large parking lot. It provided a good balance between close combat and long-range engagements.

4. Anarchy Acres: Situated in the northeast region, Anarchy Acres was a farm area with barns, crops, and various farm-related structures. It offered a more rural setting and was known for its open fields.

5. Fatal Fields: Located southeast of Anarchy Acres, Fatal Fields was another farm location but with a slightly different layout. It had a larger farmhouse and barns, along with fields and haystacks. It was a hot spot for early-game battles.

6. Lonely Lodge: Positioned in the eastern part of the map, Lonely Lodge was a forested area with a large wooden lodge and surrounding cabins. It provided ample cover and a serene setting for players to explore.

7. Flush Factory: Situated in the southwestern corner, Flush Factory was a unique location as it was an abandoned toilet paper factory. It had several warehouses and storage areas, often attracting a moderate number of players.

8. Loot Lake: Located in the center of the map, Loot Lake was a large body of water surrounded by land. It featured a small island with a house and a loot chest. The lake often served as a focal point for battles due to its central positioning.

9. Moisty Mire: Positioned in the southeast, Moisty Mire was a swampy area with dense vegetation, trees, and winding waterways. It provided a unique and challenging terrain for players to navigate.

10. Wailing Woods: Located in the northeast corner, Wailing Woods was a dense forest area with a labyrinth of trees and hedge mazes. It offered a mix of close-quarters combat and strategic hiding spots.

Additionally, there were a few unnamed landmarks on the map, including the Container Yard, Prison, Factory, Dirt Track, and RV Park. These areas often provided extra loot and opportunities for engagement.

The original Fortnite map was dynamic and constantly evolving, with updates and changes introduced over time. However, these were the primary named locations that players initially explored and battled within.