What are some wedding hashtags?

Answered by Michael Wilson

Wedding hashtags have become a popular trend in recent years, adding a fun and personalized touch to couples’ special day. Coming up with the perfect wedding hashtag can be a creative challenge, but fear not! I’m here to help you brainstorm some ideas that will make your wedding hashtag memorable and unique.

1. #ToGalvinToHold: Perfect for a couple with the last name Galvin, this hashtag adds a romantic twist to the traditional “to have and to hold” vow.

2. #TwoPeasInADodd: If you’re a couple with the last name Dodd, this hashtag playfully signifies that you’re the perfect match, just like two peas in a pod.

3. #SamAndFranWedFest: If you’re planning a wedding that feels more like a festival or celebration, this hashtag highlights the names of the couple while emphasizing the festive atmosphere.

4. #finALIsampson: A clever play on words, this hashtag combines the couple’s names (Ali and Samson) with the word “finally” to express excitement about their union.

5. #ILoveYouGerryMuch: If one of the couple’s names is Gerry, this hashtag infuses a bit of humor and a nod to Elvis Presley’s famous song “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

6. #PartyWithThePerkins: Perfect for a couple with the last name Perkins, this hashtag sets the tone for a lively and energetic celebration.

7. #FinallyTheJacksons: For couples with the last name Jackson, this hashtag signifies the joyous moment when they become a family unit and are officially “the Jacksons.”

8. #MorganHeBargainedFor: This hashtag adds a playful twist for couples named Morgan, implying that one partner got more than they bargained for in the best possible way.

These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. When coming up with your wedding hashtag, consider incorporating your names, interests, or any fun and memorable aspects of your relationship. It’s also a good idea to keep the hashtag short, catchy, and easy to remember.

Remember, the goal is to create a hashtag that represents you as a couple and can be used by your wedding guests to share their joy and memories of your special day on social media. So have fun brainstorming and find the perfect hashtag that reflects your unique love story!