What are some bl words?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

Here are some commonly used words that start with “bl”:

1. Blow
– Definition: To move forcefully or create air movement by exhaling or using a fan, etc.
– Example: The wind blew through the trees, rustling the leaves.

2. Blew
– Definition: Past tense of “blow,” indicating an action that already occurred.
– Example: He blew out the candles on his birthday cake.

3. Blood
– Definition: The red fluid that circulates in the arteries and veins, carrying oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.
– Example: The nurse drew blood for the lab tests.

4. Black
– Definition: The darkest color, the absence of light, or something that is without color or brightness.
– Example: She wore a black dress to the funeral.

5. Blooper
– Definition: An embarrassing mistake or error, often made in public or during a performance.
– Example: The actor’s blooper during the live play made the audience burst into laughter.

6. Blackberry
– Definition: A type of edible fruit that is typically dark purple or black in color, often used in desserts or jams.
– Example: She picked some fresh blackberries from the bushes for her pie.

7. Blackmail
– Definition: The act of using threats or coercion to obtain money, goods, or services from someone by threatening to reveal sensitive or damaging information.
– Example: The criminal attempted to blackmail the politician with compromising photos.

8. Blame
– Definition: To hold someone responsible for a fault or wrongdoing.
– Example: The teacher blamed the student for not completing the homework.

9. Blackboard
– Definition: A smooth, dark-colored board typically used for writing or drawing, often found in classrooms.
– Example: The teacher wrote the math equation on the blackboard.

These are just a few examples of words starting with “bl.” There are many more words in the English language that begin with this letter combination.