What animals are friendly with dogs?

Answered by Robert Flynn

When it comes to finding animals that can get along with dogs, there are quite a few options. I’ve had personal experience with a few different animals, so I can share my insights with you.

1. Ferrets: Believe it or not, ferrets can actually be great companions for dogs. They are social animals and can often be found playing and cuddling with their canine friends. Just make sure to supervise their interactions, as ferrets have a tendency to nip when they get overly excited.

2. Hamsters: While hamsters may not be able to physically interact with dogs like some other animals, they can still coexist peacefully. I’ve had a hamster in the past, and my dog would always be curious about it but never showed any signs of aggression. It’s important to keep their cages secure and out of reach of your dog, though, to ensure everyone’s safety.

3. Guinea pigs: These little critters can be quite friendly and get along well with dogs. I’ve seen many videos and heard stories of dogs and guinea pigs playing together and even snuggling up. However, it’s essential to supervise their interactions closely, especially at first, to ensure that your dog doesn’t accidentally harm the guinea pig.

4. Birds: Birds, such as parakeets or cockatiels, can also coexist peacefully with dogs. I used to have a cockatiel, and my dog would often sit near the cage and watch the bird chirp and play. However, it’s crucial to keep the bird’s cage secure and out of reach of your dog, as some dogs may have a prey drive and try to chase or harm the bird.

5. Rabbits: Rabbits can make great companions for dogs as well. I have a friend who owns a rabbit and a dog, and they all live harmoniously together. They even share playtime, with the dog chasing the rabbit around the yard (in a playful manner, of course). It’s important to introduce them slowly and ensure that your dog doesn’t display any aggressive behavior towards the rabbit.

6. Reptiles: Some reptiles, like turtles or bearded dragons, can peacefully coexist with dogs. However, it’s crucial to keep them in separate enclosures and supervise any interactions. Dogs may be curious about reptiles, but it’s important to prevent any potential harm to either animal.

Many different animals can get along with dogs. However, it’s important to remember that each animal has its own temperament and personality, so introductions should always be done slowly and under supervision. Additionally, it’s important to ensure the safety of all animals involved and provide separate spaces when necessary.