What animal is Klombo in Fortnite?

Answered by Tom Adger

The Klombo is a fascinating addition to the Fortnite universe, taking the form of a dinosaur in the game. It made its debut in Chapter 3 Season 1, captivating players with its unique characteristics and behavior. Unlike the raptors that were introduced in Chapter 2, the Klombo is not inherently aggressive. It prefers to peacefully roam around the Fortnite map, embarking on a quest to find its favorite food – Klomberries.

When encountering a Klombo in Fortnite, players will notice its distinct dinosaur-like appearance. It has a sturdy build, with strong legs and a long tail that helps it maintain balance as it moves. The Klombo’s body is covered in scales, providing it with protection and a reptilian charm. Its head boasts a set of sharp teeth, perfect for devouring its preferred snack – Klomberries.

The Klombo’s diet primarily consists of Klomberries, which are unique fruits found throughout the Fortnite map. These berries are rumored to have a special allure for the Klombo, drawing them in with their enticing aroma and delicious taste. Klomberries can be found in various locations, typically growing in clusters. They have a vibrant purple color, making them easily identifiable amidst the lush greenery of the game world.

Observing the Klombo in its natural habitat can be a mesmerizing experience. I recall one particular encounter where I stumbled upon a group of Klombos peacefully grazing near a dense forest. They moved with a graceful elegance, their eyes focused on the ground as they searched for the coveted Klomberries. It was fascinating to witness their calm demeanor, contrasting the ferocity often associated with dinosaurs.

While the Klombo generally avoids conflict, it can become hostile if provoked. If a player decides to attack or harm a Klombo, it will defend itself with vigor, utilizing its sharp teeth and powerful limbs to retaliate. Therefore, it is important for players to exercise caution and respect the Klombo’s boundaries if they wish to maintain a peaceful interaction.

The Klombo is a new and captivating addition to Fortnite, bringing the prehistoric world of dinosaurs to life. With its non-aggressive nature and affinity for Klomberries, it adds an element of wonder and exploration to the game. Whether peacefully observing them in their natural habitat or engaging in a thrilling encounter, the Klombo offers players a unique and immersive experience within the Fortnite universe.