What animal gets 7 hours of sleep?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

One animal that gets around 7 hours of sleep is the pig. Pigs are known for their ability to sleep for extended periods of time, often taking naps throughout the day. On average, pigs sleep for about 32.6% of a 24-hour period, which equates to approximately 7.8 hours of sleep per day.

During my time working on a farm, I had the opportunity to observe the sleeping patterns of pigs. It was fascinating to see how they would find a comfortable spot in their pen and curl up to sleep. Pigs are known to be quite adaptable in their sleeping habits, often adjusting their sleep patterns based on their environment and the availability of food.

Interestingly, pigs are also known to be light sleepers. They are easily awakened by sudden noises or disturbances and can quickly become alert and active. This is believed to be an evolutionary adaptation to help them stay safe in their natural habitats.

Another animal that gets around 7 hours of sleep is the guppy, a small freshwater fish. Guppies have been found to sleep for approximately 29.1% of a 24-hour period, which translates to around 7 hours of sleep per day.

Observing guppies in an aquarium setting, I noticed that they would often find a quiet corner or hide among plants to rest and sleep. It was interesting to see how they would remain motionless during their sleep, occasionally twitching their fins or tail.

Guppies, like many fish, have a different sleep pattern compared to mammals. They do not experience REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is associated with dreaming in mammals. Instead, their sleep is characterized by reduced activity and slower physiological processes.

Both pigs and guppies are animals that sleep for approximately 7 hours a day. While pigs are known for their ability to adapt their sleep patterns, guppies have a more passive sleep behavior, remaining still and conserving energy. Understanding the sleep patterns of different animals can provide valuable insights into their behavior and overall well-being.