What age is Cybex Sirona S2 for?

Answered by Michael Wilson

The Cybex Sirona S2 is a versatile and adaptable car seat designed for children from approximately 3 months up to 4 years of age. It is suitable for use from birth with the addition of a newborn inlay, which provides extra support and comfort for the youngest passengers.

One of the standout features of the Cybex Sirona S2 is its longevity and ability to grow with your child. As a convertible car seat, it can be used in both rear-facing and forward-facing positions, allowing you to choose the most appropriate setup for your child’s age and developmental stage.

For newborns and infants, the Cybex Sirona S2 can be installed in the rear-facing position, providing optimal safety and protection. Rear-facing car seats are recommended for infants and young children as they offer better support for their developing neck and spine, and help to distribute crash forces more evenly in the event of a collision.

As your child grows and reaches the age of approximately 16-18 months, you can transition the Cybex Sirona S2 to the forward-facing position. At this stage, children have developed enough neck and spine strength to safely face forward in the car. However, it’s important to note that extended rear-facing is considered the safest option, and many parents choose to keep their children rear-facing for as long as possible.

The Cybex Sirona S2 is equipped with various features to ensure the comfort and safety of your child. It has an adjustable headrest and harness system that can be easily adjusted to accommodate your child’s growth and provide an optimal fit. The seat also has energy-absorbing technology and side-impact protection to minimize the impact of a crash and protect your child’s vulnerable areas.

Personal experience: When my son was around 3 months old, we purchased the Cybex Sirona S2 for him. We used the newborn inlay to provide him with the necessary support and comfort during his infancy. As he grew, we transitioned the car seat to the rear-facing position, ensuring his safety and allowing him to continue riding comfortably. Now that he is approaching 2 years old, we are planning to switch the seat to the forward-facing position, following the manufacturer’s guidelines and safety recommendations.

The Cybex Sirona S2 is designed for children from approximately 3 months up to 4 years of age, with the option to use it from birth with the newborn inlay. It offers the flexibility of both rear-facing and forward-facing positions, providing optimal safety and comfort for your growing child.