Was Queen Mary a smoker?

Answered by Jason Smith

According to an article published in The New York Times, Queen Mary was depicted as a “regular smoker.” The chronicler mentioned that she was supplied with cigarettes and lighters after dinner. This raises the question of whether Queen Mary was indeed a smoker.

The article suggests that Queen Mary had a habit of smoking cigarettes regularly. The fact that cigarettes and lighters were provided to her after dinner indicates that she indulged in this habit consistently. However, it is important to note that the article does not provide any specific details about the frequency or quantity of her smoking.

To determine whether Queen Mary was a smoker, it would be helpful to gather more information from additional sources. Historical documents or accounts from people who were close to Queen Mary during her lifetime could provide further insights into her smoking habits. It is also worth considering the societal norms and attitudes towards smoking during Queen Mary’s time.

In terms of personal experiences, I must admit that I do not have any direct knowledge or encounters with Queen Mary to provide firsthand information about her smoking habits. However, I can offer some insights into the historical context of smoking during her era.

Smoking was quite common and socially acceptable during the early 20th century, especially among the upper classes. It was not uncommon for individuals, including women, to smoke cigarettes as a form of relaxation or a social activity. Therefore, it would not be surprising if Queen Mary, as a member of the royal family, engaged in this habit.

Based on the information provided in The New York Times article, Queen Mary was depicted as a “regular smoker.” However, without further evidence or accounts from reliable sources, it is challenging to definitively confirm her smoking habits. Additional research and historical context would be required to gain a deeper understanding of Queen Mary’s relationship with smoking.