Was Callux in the sidemen?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

Callux was indeed part of the Sidemen, the UK’s biggest YouTube group. I remember watching their videos and seeing Callux collaborate with them on numerous occasions. It was always exciting to see him join forces with the other members and create entertaining content together.

I first became aware of Callux through his own YouTube channel, where he would upload a variety of videos, including pranks, challenges, and vlogs. His content was always engaging and had a unique style that set him apart from other creators. He had a knack for creating funny and entertaining videos that resonated with his audience.

Eventually, Callux started collaborating with the Sidemen, which helped him gain even more exposure and grow his fanbase. It was always interesting to see how he would mesh with the other members and contribute to the dynamic of the group. Whether it was participating in challenges, playing games, or simply hanging out with the guys, Callux brought his own flair to the Sidemen videos.

What I admired about Callux’s involvement with the Sidemen was his ability to maintain his individuality while still fitting in with the group. He had his own unique style and personality, which added a refreshing element to their content. It was evident that he had a great rapport with the other members and that they enjoyed working together.

However, it is worth mentioning that Callux is no longer an active member of the Sidemen. While I don’t have the exact details of his departure, it seems that he has moved on to focus on his own YouTube channel and personal projects. Nevertheless, his time as part of the Sidemen undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping his career and helping him gain recognition in the YouTube community.

Yes, Callux was indeed part of the Sidemen, and his involvement with the group contributed to his rise to fame on YouTube. He brought his own unique style and personality to the videos, and his collaborations with the other members were always entertaining to watch. Although he is no longer an active member, his time with the Sidemen undoubtedly had a positive impact on his career.