Doris Reinvents the Ugly Stepsister in Shrek

Doris, the Ugly Stepsister, is one of the most memorable characters in the Shrek franchise. She first appears in Shrek 2 and makes a few appearances in subsequent movies. Her unique appearance and personality have made her a fan favorite, despite being one of the villains in the story.

Doris is known for her masculine appearance, sporting blue eye-shadow, and prominent drawn-on eyebrows, which are similar to those of a drag queen. Her voice is deep and masculine, which also adds to her unique personality. Despite her unconventional appearance, she is included in Fiona’s princess circle, which is a testament to her likable character.

Doris has a sister named Mabel, who is also one of Cinderella’s stepsisters. However, Mabel is on the side of the villains, which makes for an interesting dynamic between the two sisters. Regis Philbin voices Mabel in Shrek the Third, which adds to the oveall humor of the character.

Interestingly, Hollywood producers removed a host of top celebrity voices from the box office hit Shrek 2 for overseas audiences. This included Joan Rivers and Larry King, who voiced Ugly Sister 1 and 2, respectively. In the UK version, Larry King was replaced by British TV personality Jonathan Ross’ trademark lisp.

Doris may be considered an ugly stepsister, but her personality and unique appearance make her a beloved character in the Shrek franchise. Despite being a villain, she is still included in Fiona’s princess circle, which shows that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

What Is The Ugly Stepsisters Name In Shrek?

The ugly stepsister’s name in Shrek is Doris. Doris is one of the stepsisters of Cinderella and appears in Shrek 2, Shrek the Third, and Shrek Forever After. She is part of Fiona’s princess circle despite not being a princess herself. Doris has a sister named Mabel, who is aligned with the villains.

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What Gender Is Doris From Shrek?

Doris is a female character from the Shrek franchise. Despite being a female, Doris has certain masculine traits and characteristics. She is depicted as having a deep male voice, and her appearance includes make-up that is typically associated with drag queens, such as blue eye-shadow and prominent drawn-on eyebrows. Therefore, it can be said that Doris is a female character with some masculine attributes.

Why Is The Ugly Stepsister Voice Different?

The voice of Ugly Sister 2 was changed in the UK version of Shrek 2, with American chat show host Larry King being replaced by British TV personality Jonathan Ross. This change was likely made to cater to the local audience and to make the character more relatable to them. It is not uncommon for movies to alter their content or casting for different markets, as different cultures and languages may have different preferences and sensitivities. In this case, the change in voice actor was likely a strategic decision to appeal to the British audience.

Who Is Mabel In Shrek?

Mabel is a character in the animated movie “Shrek the Third” released in 2007. The character is voiced by Regis Philbin, an American television personality, and actor. In the movie, Mabel is a member of the royal court of Far Far Away and is seen participating in the performance of a musical number with other members of the court. Although Mabel’s role is relatively minor in the movie, her appearance and performance add to the overall comedic tone of the film.


The character of Doris, the Ugly Stepsister in the Shrek franchise, is a unique and memorable addition to the series. Her masculine appearance and drag queen-like make-up set her apart from other female characters in animated films, and her inclusion in Fiona’s princess circle emphasizes the importance of acceptance and inclusion of all individuals, regardless of teir appearance or background. Additionally, the casting choices for the character, including the use of Larry King’s voice in the original version and Jonathan Ross’ in the UK version, add an extra layer of humor to the character. Doris is a well-developed and entertaining character that adds depth and diversity to the world of Shrek.

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