Twice Makes History with Epic Debut

Twice is a South Korean girl group formed by JYP Entertainment in 2015. The group consists of nine members, Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. Twice made their debut on October 20, 2015, with their mini-album “The Story Begins.”

The group’s debut album was a massive success, with the lead single “Like Ooh-Ahh” becoming an instant hit. The song’s music video quickly went viral, with fans around the world praising the group’s catchy melody and unique style. The song’s success helped Twice bcome one of the most popular K-pop groups of their generation.

Twice’s debut was a long time coming. The group was formed through a reality TV show called “Sixteen,” which aired on Mnet in 2015. The show followed sixteen female trainees as they competed for a spot in JYP Entertainment’s new girl group. Over the course of the show, the contestants were put through a series of challenges, including vocal and dance training, as well as elimination rounds.

The nine members of Twice were eventually chosen by JYP Entertainment’s founder, Park Jin-young, and announced to the public in late 2015. The members were chosen for their unique talents and personalities, as well as their ability to work well together as a team.

Since their debut, Twice has released several successful albums and singles, including “Cheer Up,” “TT,” and “Knock Knock.” The group has also won numerous awards, including several Mnet Asian Music Awards and Golden Disc Awards.

Twice’s success can be attributed to their catchy music, unique style, and strong teamwork. The group’s members all bring their own strengths to the table, whether it’s Nayeon’s powerful vocals, Momo’s impressive dance skills, or Jihyo’s natural leadership abilities.

Twice’s debut in 2015 marked the beginning of a new era in K-pop. The group’s catchy music and unique style quickly won over fans around the world, making them one of the most popular girl groups in the industry. With their strong teamwork and dedication to their craft, it’s clear that Twice has a bright future ahead of them.

What Is The Exact Debut Of TWICE?

TWICE is a K-pop girl group formed by JYP Entertainment. Their official debut date is October 20, 2015, with the release of their mini-album titled “The Story Begins”. The group consists of nine members: Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu. It is important to note that their debut was highly anticipated and received a lot of attention, as JYP Entertainment is one of the most successful entertainment companies in South Korea. Since their debut, TWICE has become one of the most popular girl groups in the K-pop industry, known for their catchy songs, unique concepts, and impressive dance performances.

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Who Is The 2nd Youngest Member In TWICE?

The 2nd youngest member in TWICE is Chaeyoung. This information is based on the birthdates of all the members in the group. TWICE is a South Korean girl group formed by JYP Entertainment, consisting of nine members in total. The group debuted in 2015 and has gained popularity both in South Korea and internationally. The members of TWICE are often identified by their unique and distinct personalities, talents, and roles withn the group. It is worth noting that the age order of the members is an important aspect of their group dynamic and often influences their interactions and relationships with one another.

Who Was The First TWICE Leader?

The first leader of the girl group Twice was Jihyo. She was chosen by her bandmates through an anonymous vote conducted within the group. Jihyo was one of the nine successful participants who went on to become a member of Twice. Since her selection as the group’s leader, Jihyo has been instrumental in shaping the band’s creative direction and leading the other members to success. Her leadership skills have been praised by fans and industry experts alike.

What Is TWICE’s Biggest Hit?

TWICE is a popular South Korean girl group with numerous hits to thir name. However, their biggest hit to date is undoubtedly “Cheer Up”, which was released in 2016. The song was an instant success, topping the charts in South Korea and earning the group numerous awards and accolades. “Cheer Up” is a catchy and upbeat pop song that showcases the group’s vocal and dance abilities. Its music video has also amassed over 500 million views on YouTube, making it one of the most-watched K-pop music videos of all time. “Cheer Up” is considered to be TWICE’s signature song and remains a fan favorite to this day.


TWICE’s debut on October 20, 2015, with the mini-album “The Story begins” marked the beginning of a successful journey for the group. Formed by JYP Entertainment, the group consists of nine talented members who have captured the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Their unique style and catchy tunes have made them one of the most popular girl groups in the K-pop industry. Jihyo, the leader of the group, was voted by her bandmates in an anonymous vote, which highlights the strong bond and mutual respect they share. TWICE’s debut was a significant milestone in their career, and they have continued to release hit ater hit, cementing their place in the music industry.

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