Timothy Olyphant Charms His Way to “The Office”

Timothy Olyphant is a highly acclaimed actor, best known for his roles in shows like “Deadwood” and “Justified”. However, he also made a memorable appearance in the hit TV show “The Office” as the character Danny Cordray.

Danny Cordray is a traveling salesman who is introduced in season 7, episode 5 of “The Office”. He is portrayed as a very successful salesman who is highly respected by his peers. Cordray’s arrival at Dunder Mifflin creates tension between him and Jim Halpert, who feels threatened by Cordray’s success.

Despite this tension, Cordray manages to make an impression on the employees of Dunder Mifflin. He is charming, confident, and highly skilled at his job. This makes him a formidable opponent for the employees of Dunder Mifflin, who are struggling to keep their jobs in a struggling economy.

One of the most interesting aspects of Cordray’s character is his relationship with Pam Beesly. The two had a couple of dates off-camera in season 3, but Cordray ultimately decided that Pam was too “dorky” for him and never called her back for a second date. This creates tension between the two characters when Cordray returns to Dunder Mifflin in season 7.

It is worth noting that Timothy Olyphant’s appearance on “The Office” was brief. He only appeared in two episodes of season 7 before disappearing from the show altogether. This is likely due to Olyphant’s busy schedule, as he was in high demand as an actor duing this time.

Despite his brief appearance on the show, Olyphant’s performance as Danny Cordray was praised by critics and fans alike. He brought a level of charisma and charm to the character that made him stand out from the rest of the cast.

Timothy Olyphant’s appearance on “The Office” as Danny Cordray was brief but memorable. His performance as the charming and successful salesman created tension and added depth to the show’s storyline. Though he may not have been a main character, Olyphant’s portrayal of Cordray made a lasting impression on fans of the show.

Was Timothy Olyphant In The Office?

Timothy Olyphant was in The Office. He played the character of Danny Cordray, a successful traveling salesman. Danny Cordray was introduced in season 7, episode 5 “The Sting” and appeared in two episodes in Season 7. Timothy Olyphant’s portrayal of Danny Cordray was well received by the audience and critics alike.

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What Happened To Timothy Olyphant In The Office?

Timothy Olyphant played the role of Danny Cordray in season 7 of The Office. However, he was not featured in the subsequent episodes of the show. The reason for this could be attributed to Olyphant’s busy schedule during that time. The episodes featuring Olyphant aired in late 2010, which was a year packed with various projects and commitments for the actor. While there is no official statement regarding the exact reason for his absence, it is speculated that his busy schedule may have prevented him from continuing his role in the show.

Why Did Danny Not Call Pam Back?

Danny Cordray did not call Pam Beesly back after their couple of dates because he found her too dorky. Despite their initial chemistry, Danny ultimately decided that Pam was not the right fit for him. Therefore, he did not schedule another date with her. It is unclear whether Danny communicated this directly to Pam or simply stopped contacting her. Nonetheless, their brief relationship ended without any further development.

What Episode Is Danny In The Office?

Danny Cordray, portrayed by Timothy Olyphant, appears in the sixth season of the American television series “The Office”. He is featured in the episode titled “The Sting”, which aired on October 21, 2010. In this episode, Danny is a salesman from a rival company who is hired by Dunder Mifflin to help them win a big client. The character of Danny Cordray is well-liked by fans of the show for his charm and wit.


Timothy Olyphant’s portrayal of Danny Cordray in The Office was a memorable one. Despite only appearing in two episodes, Olyphant’s performance as the charming and successful traveling salesman left a lasting impression on viewers. It is unfortunate that Danny Cordray was not featured in the show following his initial arc, but this was likely due to Olyphant’s busy schedule at the time. Nevertheless, his brief stint on The Office was a testament to his acting range and ability to bring depth to even minor characters. Timothy Olyphant’s contribution to The Office was a noteworthy one and is still appreciated by fans of the show.

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