The Neibolt House is A Permanent Fixture in Stephen King’s It

The Neibolt House is a significant location in Stephen King’s novel, It, and has also been featured in both the 2017 horror film adaptation and its 2019 sequel. The house serves as the lair of the evil clown, Pennywise, and is the site of the Losers Club’s first real confrontation with It.

Located in the east side of Toronto, the Neibolt House was originally known as the William Harris Home and was built over a century ago. Its gothic architecture and eerie appearance made it the perfect setting for a haunted house, and it was this reputation that likely drew the attention of Stephen King when he was writing It.

While the Neibolt House is not featured in the 1990 television adaptation of It, it plays a crucial role in both the novl and the new film adaptations. In the story, it is a derelict and abandoned house that It uses as a hideout and a place to lure its victims. The house is described as being in a state of disrepair, with broken windows and boarded-up doors. It is also surrounded by overgrown vegetation, adding to its ominous appearance.

The Losers Club first encounters the Neibolt House when they follow a trail of bloody footprints that leads them there. Inside, they find evidence of It’s presence, including a room full of clown dolls and a refrigerator filled with decaying food. It is in this house that the Losers Club engages in their first real fight with It, managing to wound the creature and force it to retreat.

In the 2017 film adaptation, the Neibolt House is portrayed in a particularly chilling manner, with dark corridors and hidden passages that add to the sense of dread and foreboding. The house is also shown to have a sinister presence of its own, with doors that lock and unlock on their own and walls that seem to shift and move.

The Neibolt House serves as a key location in the story of It, representing the very heart of the evil that the Losers Club must confront. Its gothic appearance and eerie atmosphere make it a memorable and iconic setting, one that will continue to haunt readers and viewers for years to come.

What’s The Significance Of The House In It?

The house in the novel It serves as a pivotal location for the Losers Club’s fist real confrontation with It in 1958. It is an abandoned house that It uses as a lair. This location is significant because it is where the Losers Club, as a group, is first able to wound It, forcing It to flee. This is a turning point in the story as the Losers Club realizes that It can be hurt and defeated. The house also serves as a symbol of the darkness and evil that It represents, as it is a creepy and abandoned location that is perfect for a monster’s lair. Additionally, the house provides a setting for the characters to face their fears and come together as a group to fight It. the house is a crucial location in the novel It, representing both the physical and symbolic battle between the Losers Club and It.

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Where Is The IT House In Real Life?

The IT house, also kown as the Neibolt House, is a fictional location from the horror novel “IT” by Stephen King and its adaptations. It is described as an abandoned house where the main characters encounter the evil entity known as Pennywise.

In real life, the Neibolt House does not exist. However, the exterior of the house used in the 2017 film adaptation of “IT” was located at 46 Neilson Drive in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. The interior scenes were filmed on a soundstage.

It is worth noting that the location of the Neibolt House may differ in other adaptations of the story, as it is a fictional location and can be interpreted differently by different filmmakers.

What Is Pennywise’s House Called?

The house where Pennywise, the evil clown from the horror film It and its sequel It: Chapter Two, resides and sleeps is called the Neibolt House. This location is an important setting in the story as it is where several of the characters encounter and confront Pennywise. The Neibolt House is known for its eerie and creepy atmosphere, which adds to the overall horror theme of the film. It serves as a central location in the plot of the story, and the characters’ interactions with the house and Pennywise contribute to teir character development and the progression of the story’s plot.

Can You Visit The IT House?

The Neibolt House used in Stephen King’s novel and the new adaptation of IT directed by Andres Muschietti is a fictional location. It is not a real house that exists in the physical world. While thee may be homes or buildings that resemble the Neibolt House, there is no official IT house that can be visited by fans of the story. However, fans can visit filming locations used in the new IT movie, such as Port Hope, Ontario, where many scenes were shot. Additionally, fans can visit the town of Bangor, Maine, where Stephen King has lived and set many of his stories. There are several landmarks and attractions related to King and his work in Bangor, including the Paul Bunyan statue and the Stephen King House, which he owned and used as inspiration for some of his stories.


The Neibolt House serves as a pivotal location in Stephen King’s nvel It, as well as in the 2017 and 2019 film adaptations. This abandoned Victorian mansion, located in Toronto, is the perfect setting for a haunted house and an evil clown hideout. The Losers Club’s first real fight with It takes place within its walls, resulting in It’s eventual retreat. The Neibolt House is a symbol of the evil that lurks in Derry, Maine, and serves as a reminder of the horrors that the Losers Club must face in order to defeat Pennywise the Clown. Its eerie gothic architecture and abandoned state make it a perfect embodiment of the terror that Pennywise represents. the Neibolt House is a crucial and unforgettable element of the It story.

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