Base Defense Tactics in “The Forest”

When building a base in the forest, it is important to take defensive measures to protect yourself from the cannibals and mutants that inhabit the area. Here are some tips on how to defend your base effectively:

1. Build defensive walls: Defensive walls are an effective way to keep cannibals and mutants out of your base. Use the survival guide to build walls around your base, leaving only one or two entrances that are easy for you to defend.

2. Use defensive spikes: Defensive spikes can be placed in front of your walls to prevent cannibals and mutants from breaking through. They do not harm enemies anymore, but they can keep them at bay and make them thnk twice before attacking your base.

3. Set up traps: Traps are a great way to catch cannibals and mutants off guard. You can use traps like the Deadfall trap or the Happy Birthday trap to kill or injure enemies that enter your base.

4. Build effigies: Effigies are structures that scare away cannibals and mutants when they are on fire. They can be built using the survival guide, but your sanity must be below 90%. Effigies can be a great way to deter enemies from entering your base.

5. Stay alert: It is important to always be on guard when living in the forest. Keep an eye out for cannibals and mutants and be prepared to defend yourself at all times. Keep your weapons and ammunition close at hand and be ready to use them if necessary.

Defending your base in the forest can be a challenging task, but by following these tips, you can increase your chances of survival. Remember to be vigilant and always stay one step ahead of your enemies. Good luck and stay safe!

How Do You Protect Bases In The Forest?

Protecting your base in The Forest is essential to survive the attacks from cannibals and mutants. Here are some ways to protect your base:

1. Build walls and defensive structures: The Forest allws you to build walls around your base and defensive structures, such as traps, spikes, and watchtowers. Make sure to build them close enough to your base to prevent cannibals from entering.

2. Use camouflage: You can use leaves and sticks to camouflage your walls, making them blend in with the environment. This will make it harder for cannibals to spot your base.

3. Light up your base: Cannibals are afraid of fire, so make sure to light up your base with torches, lamps, or other sources of light. This will discourage them from attacking your base.

4. Keep a low profile: Don’t make your base too big or too visible. Cannibals are attracted to large structures, so keep your base small and hidden.

5. Stay alert: Always keep an eye out for cannibals and mutants. If you see them approaching your base, get ready to defend it.

By following these tips, you can protect your base in The Forest and increase your chances of survival.

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How Do You Keep Enemies Away In The Forest?

To keep enemies away in The Forest, there are several strategies that can be employed.

1. Build Effigies: Effigies can be built via the survival guide, but your sanity must be below 90%. These structures scare away enemies but only when they are on fire, and it is day. However, this may not provide a permanent solution as enemies may return with more mutants.

2. Build Traps: Traps can be built using various materials like logs, sticks, and rocks. These traps can be used to catch small animals for food, but they can also be used to trap enemies and keep them away from your camp.

3. Construct Walls: Building walls around your camp can help to keep enemies out. You can use logs, rocks, and sticks to build walls. Additionally, you can also build a gate to control access to your camp.

4. Stay Hidden: Staying hidden is also an effective way to avoid enemies. You can hide in bushes or behid trees to avoid being detected.

5. Keep a Safe Distance: If you see enemies approaching, it is best to keep a safe distance from them. Use ranged weapons like bows and arrows to attack them from a distance.

By employing these strategies, you can keep enemies away from your camp and ensure your survival in The Forest.

How Do You Make A Defensive Door In The Forest?

To make a defensive door in The Forest, players need to firt build a defensive wall by opening the survival guide and selecting the defensive structures-section. Once a defensive wall has been constructed, players can add a defensive door by selecting the defensive structures-section again and choosing the defensive door option.

To place the defensive door, players need to position themselves at the desired location along the defensive wall and press the interact button. They will then have the option to select the defensive door from their inventory and place it on the wall.

Alternatively, players can also create a gate along a segment of defensive walls by selecting the defensive gate option from the defensive structures-section in the survival guide. This allows players to create a gate that can be opened and closed, providing easy access in and out of the defensive area.

Do Defensive Wall Spikes Work In The Forest?

Defensive Wall Spikes work in The Forest. These spikes can be placed on defensive walls to increase the wall strength by 45%, making it harder for the cannibals to breach the walls and enter the player’s base. The cost of building the Defensive Wall Spikes is linked to the length of the wall section it is placed on, and it cannot be built over Defensive Wall Gates. By adding Defensive Wall Spikes to the walls, players can significantly improve their base defense and increase their chances of survival in The Forest.


Defending your base in The Forest is crucial for survival. By using defensive spikes, defensive walls, and defensive wall spikes, you can increase the strength of your walls and prevent cannibals and mutants from destroying them. Additionally, effigies can be used to scare away enemies during the day, but it’s important to keep in mind that they may return with more mutants. taking the time to build and maintain your defenses can greatly enhance your chances of survival in The Forest.

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