“The Suicide Squad” puts the Spotlight on the Detachable Kid

Cory Pitzner, also known as The Detachable Kid or T.D.K. for short, is a metahuman with a unique and intriguing ability to detach his own arms and telekinetically control them. This makes him a fascinating character both in the DC comics and the recent movie adaptation, The Suicide Squad.

In the DC comics, TDK is portrayed as a mysterious character with a traditional super-villain-like appearance, donning a teal, black, and yellow suit and cowl. However, despite his menacing look, his super-villainous powers remain a mystery even to his fellow Squad members.

On the oher hand, in the movie version of The Suicide Squad, TDK’s strange powers are put on full display right from the opening sequence. In this scene, TDK is seen detaching his arms and using them to slap his enemies before they are brutally killed. This scene establishes TDK as a unique and deadly addition to the team.

Interestingly, during a virtual watch party of The Suicide Squad, director James Gunn hinted that TDK might not be dead, even though he was seemingly killed off in the opening sequence. This has left fans speculating about the future of this intriguing character in the DC universe.

The Detachable Kid may not be the most well-known character in the DC comics, but his unique powers and mysterious persona make him a fan favorite. Whether in the comics or on the big screen, TDK always manages to leave a lasting impression on audiences.

Who Is The Detachable Kid?

The Detachable Kid, also known as T.D.K., is a fictional character from the DC Comics universe. He is a metahuman, a person with extraordinary abilities, who possesses the power to detach his own arms and control them telekinetically. This ability allows him to use his arms as weapons or tools, even when they are detached from his body. T.D.K. was first introduced in the comic book series “Suicide Squad”, and has since appeared in several other DC Comics titles. His unique abilities have made him a popular character among fans of the genre.

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Is The Detachable Kid Alive?

According to James Gunn, the director of The Suicide Squad, during a recent virtual watch party, The Detachable Kid’s life signals in the comms did not flatline, indicating that he is not really dead. Therefore, it is suggested that T.D.K., along with Harley Quinn, Rick Flag, and Weasel, is one of the survivors of the opening sequence. However, it has not been officially confirmed yet whether The Detachable Kid is indeed alive or not.

Is TDK A Real DC Character?

TDK is a real DC character. TDK stands for The Detachable Kid in DC comics and his real name is Cory Pitzner. He is a metahuman with the unique ability to detach his own arms and legs and control them telekinetically. TDK made his first appearance in Suicide Squad #1 (2016) and has since been featured in various DC comics.

Who Is TDK In DC Comics?

TDK is a mysterious character who is a member of the Suicide Squad in DC Comics. He is known for his distinct appearance, which includes a teal, black, and yellow suit and cowl. However, his true name and powers remain a mystery to his fellow Squad members and readers alike. Despite his appearance, TDK is not a traditional super-villain and his abilities are not well-known. He is often portrayed as an enigmatic figure, adding to the intrigue surrounding his character.


The Detachable Kid, also known as T.D.K., is a unique and intriguing character in the DC Comics universe. With his ability to detach his own arms and telekinetically control them, T.D.K. is a force to be reckoned with. While his full name and origins remain a mystery to his fellow Squad members, his distinctive appearance and powers have captured the attention of comic book fans around the world. With the recent confirmation that T.D.K. may not be dead in the DC Extended Universe, fans are eager to see more of this enigmatic character in future films and comics. Whether he is a hero or a villain, T.D.K. is sure to continue to captivate audiences with his unusual powers and mysterious backstory.

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