Tricks to Keep Snowmen from Melting in Minecraft

Snowmen, also known as Snow Golems, are a popular mob in Minecraft. They are made by placing two snow blocks on top of each other and a pumpkin on top of the top snow block. Snowmen are unique in that they do not attack players or other mobs, but instead, they throw snowballs at hostile mobs. This makes them an excellent defense mechanism for players who want to protect their bases from monsters.

However, snowmen have a weakness – they melt in warm biomes, such as deserts, mesas, and the Nether. They also melt when exposed to lava. This can make it difficult to keep snowmen alive in certain areas of the game. But fear not, there are ways to keep your snowmen alive, even in the hottest of biomes.

One way to keep your snowmen alive in the Nether is to bathe them in a constant supply of Fire Resistance potions. This will prevent them from taking damage from the fire effect that being in warm biomes causes. It’s important to note that while Fire Resistance potions will keep your snowmen from taking damage in hot biomes, they will still melt if they come into contact with water or rain.

Another way to keep your snowmen alive is to build them in areas where there is constant shade. This could mean building them under a tree canopy or in a cave. By keeping your snowmen out of direct sunlight, you can prevent them from melting.

If you’re feeling particulaly creative, you can also build your snowmen in biomes that are naturally cold, such as snowy tundras or ice spikes. In these biomes, your snowmen will be able to thrive without any additional protection.

It’s important to note that snowmen can also be bred with wheat. When two snowmen are bred together, they will create a baby snowman. These baby snowmen will inherit the same properties as their parents, including their ability to throw snowballs at hostile mobs.

Snowmen are a unique and fun addition to Minecraft. While they do have a weakness in warm biomes, there are ways to keep them alive and thriving. Whether you choose to use Fire Resistance potions, build them in shaded areas, or create them in naturally cold biomes, snowmen are a great way to protect your base and have some fun in the game.

How Do You Keep A Snowman Alive In Minecraft?

To keep a snowman, also known as a snow golem, alive in Minecraft, it is important to understand that they are susceptible to melting in warm biomes, such as the Nether. Therefore, tere are a few ways to keep them alive:

1. Place the snow golem in a cold biome, such as a snowy tundra or snowy taiga. These biomes have a lower temperature, which will prevent the snow golem from melting.

2. Build a shelter for the snow golem using blocks that do not conduct heat, such as ice or packed ice. This will protect the snow golem from the heat of the surrounding biome.

3. Bathing the snow golem in a constant supply of Fire Resistance potions is another way to keep it alive in warm biomes. This will prevent the snow golem from taking damage from the fire effect that being in warm biomes causes it. It is important to note that they melt, they don’t catch on fire.

By implementing these methods, you can ensure that your snow golem stays alive and continues to provide its helpful services in Minecraft.

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What Kills Snowmen In Minecraft?

Snowmen in Minecraft can be killed by several factors, including:

1. Hot Biomes: Snowmen will melt in hot biomes, such as Deserts, Mesas, and the Nether. The high temperature in these areas will cause the snow blocks that make up the snowman to melt, leading to its death.

2. Lava Pools: Snowmen will also melt if they come into contact with lava pools. Lava is extremely hot and will cause the snow blocks to melt, leading to the snowman’s demise.

3. Water and Rain: Snowmen are made up of snow blocks, which will melt when they come into contact with water or rain. This can be dangerous for snowmen, epecially during rainy weather.

It is important to note that snowmen can survive in hot biomes if they have a Potion of Fire Resistance. This potion will protect them from the high temperature and prevent them from melting until the potion wears off.

Can You Breed Snow Golems In Minecraft?

It is possible to breed snow golems in Minecraft. To breed snow golems, you need to give them wheat. Simply drop the wheat on the ground near the snow golems, and they will pick it up and breed. It’s important to note that you need at least two snow golems nearby to breed them.

Once the snow golems breed, they will produce a baby snow golem. The baby will have the same properties as the adult snow golem, including the ability to throw snowballs and to melt in warmer biomes.

It’s also worth mentioning that snow golems can attack other snow golems nearby. This can be useful in certin situations, such as when you need to defend your base from enemy snow golems. However, it’s important to keep in mind that snow golems will also attack other passive mobs, such as villagers and animals, so be careful where you place them.


Snow golems are unique creatures in Minecraft that can be created from snow blocks and pumpkins. They are immune to most forms of damage and can even be used as a means of defense against hostile mobs. However, they are also susceptible to melting in hot biomes and near lava pools. To keep them alive in these conditions, they can be given Fire Resistance potions. snow golems are a fun and interesting addition to the game, providing both utility and entertainment for players.

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