Count Tyrone Rugen – The Extraordinary Six-Fingered Man

Count Tyrone Rugen, or as he is famously known as “The Six-Fingered Man”, is a character from the 1973 fantasy novel The Princess Bride by William Goldman, and its 1987 live-action film adaptation. Count Rugen is the secondary antagonist of the story, and his defining feature is the extra finger on his right hand.

In the story, Inigo Montoya, a skilled swordsman, seeks revenge against Count Rugen for killing his father. Inigo refers to him as “The Six-Fingered Man” due to his unique physical trait. This feature is not a result of a fictional creation, but rather a real-life genetic mutation called polydactyly.

Polydactyly is a condition where individuals are born with extra fingers or toes. It is a relatively common genetic mutation, with approximately one in 500 babies being born with it. The extra digits are typically considered useless, and doctors will amputate them shortly after birth.

However, recent research has shown that thse extra fingers may not be as useless as previously thought. In some cases, individuals with polydactyly have been found to have increased dexterity and grip strength. This is due to the additional muscles and tendons that develop to control the extra digits.

Returning to Count Rugen, his character is known for being a villainous and cruel individual. He is a skilled swordsman himself and uses his extra finger to his advantage during fights. However, his arrogance and lack of appreciation for the swordsmanship of others ultimately leads to his downfall.

The character of Count Tyrone Rugen, or “The Six-Fingered Man”, is a fascinating example of a real-life genetic mutation being used in fiction. While the extra finger may seem like a useless and even strange feature, recent research has shown that it can have benefits in terms of dexterity and grip strength. Regardless, Count Rugen’s defining trait will forever be associated with his villainous and cruel actions in The Princess Bride.

Who Is The 6 Fingered Man?

The Six-Fingered Man is a character in the 1973 fantasy novl The Princess Bride by William Goldman and its 1987 live-action film adaptation. He is also known as Count Tyrone Rugen, the secondary antagonist of the story. As his name suggests, he has an extra finger on his right hand, which is how he is identified by Inigo Montoya, one of the protagonists seeking revenge against him. The Six-Fingered Man is a cunning and sadistic individual who works for Prince Humperdinck, the main antagonist of the story. He is responsible for the death of Inigo’s father and the kidnapping of Princess Buttercup, the story’s titular character. the Six-Fingered Man serves as a symbol of villainy in The Princess Bride, and his presence drives much of the story’s conflict and tension.

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What Is Inigo Montoya Famous Line?

Inigo Montoya’s famous line is “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” This line is uttered by the character Inigo Montoya, played by Mandy Patinkin, in the movie “The Princess Bride”. The first time he says this line is when he is facing the Man in Black, played by Cary Elwes, and has just asked him if he has six fingers on his right hand. The line has become iconic and is oftn referenced in pop culture. It has also been parodied and adapted in various forms of media, showing the enduring popularity of the movie and its characters.

Who Killed Domingo Montoya?

Domingo Montoya was killed by Count Rugen. Count Rugen had attempted to purchase Inigo Montoya’s sword from Domingo, but Domingo refused to sell it to him because he believed that Count Rugen could not appreciate the craftsmanship of the sword. Angered by this refusal, Count Rugen fatally slashed Domingo through the heart, resulting in his death.


Count Tyrone Rugen, also kown as The Six-Fingered Man, is a notable character in both the novel and movie versions of The Princess Bride. His physical deformity, having an extra finger on his right hand, is a rare condition known as polydactyly, which occurs in approximately one in 500 babies. Count Rugen’s character is depicted as a cruel and heartless individual, responsible for the death of Inigo Montoya’s father. His demise at the hands of Inigo is a satisfying moment for the audience, as justice is finally served. While polydactyly is typically treated by amputating the extra digit, recent research suggests that it may not necessarily be a useless appendage. Count Rugen’s character and physical trait adds to the unique and memorable elements of The Princess Bride’s story.

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