The Consequences of Choosing to Kill or Spare Cicero

As a player in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, one is faced with many choices troughout the game. One such choice is whether to spare or kill Cicero in the quest “The Cure for Madness.”

Cicero is a member of the Dark Brotherhood, a group of assassins that the player can choose to join. Throughout the questline, the player interacts with Cicero multiple times, and his behavior can be described as unpredictable and erratic. He is known for his dark humor and his love for the Night Mother, the deity worshiped by the Dark Brotherhood.

In “The Cure for Madness” quest, the player is tasked with finding and stopping Cicero, who has gone rogue and is causing chaos within the Dark Brotherhood. The player can choose to either kill Cicero or spare him and convince him to return to the Brotherhood.

There are pros and cons to both choices. If the player chooses to kill Cicero, they will receive a leveled dagger and some gold as a reward. However, if Cicero is spared, he will become an available follower for the player and can be found in the new Dark Brotherhood sanctuary located at Dawnstar.

Cicero is a strong follower and has some humorous dialogue, which can make him an entertaining addition to the player’s team. However, it should be noted that he is an evil murderer, and his behavior can still be unpredictable even after he rejoins the Brotherhood.

In terms of morality, it can be argued that killing Cicero is the more just choice. He has caused chaos within the Brotherhood and has killed many innocent people. However, sparing him can be seen as a more merciful choice, and it allows the player to potentially influence Cicero’s behavior and keep him from causing further harm.

Ultimately, the decision to kill or spare Cicero is up to the player and their own personal morals and values. Both choices have their own rewards and consequences, and it is up to the player to weigh them and make a decision.

The choice to kill or spare Cicero in “The Cure for Madness” quest is a complex one that requires careful consideration. While there are pros and cons to both choices, it ultimately comes down to the player’s personal morals and values. It is up to the player to make their own decision and face the consequences that come with it.

What Happens If You Don’t Kill Cicero?

If the player chooses not to kill Cicero during the quest “Confronting Cicero”, he will survive and become an avaiable follower for the Dragonborn. Cicero is a unique character who possesses the ability to use both archery and one-handed weapons. Moreover, he is proficient in Light Armor, Sneak, Lockpicking, Pickpocketing, and Speech skills.

As a follower, Cicero can offer some unique dialogue options and interactions with the player, providing an interesting perspective on the Dark Brotherhood and the events that transpire within the game. He can also be a valuable asset during combat, helping the player to take down enemies with his dual-wielding abilities.

It is worth noting that if Cicero is killed during the quest, his body can be looted for his outfit, some gold, and a leveled dagger. However, if the player chooses to spare him, they will not only gain a new follower but also potentially unlock new storylines and dialogue options within the game.

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Is It Worth Letting Cicero Live?

In terms of gameplay, it is definitely worth letting Cicero live. After completing the Dark Brotherhood main quest, he becomes available as a follower and can be found in the new Dark Brotherhood sanctuary in Dawnstar. Cicero is a strong follower and can prove to be a valuable asset in battles.

Moreover, Cicero’s character is also considered to be one of the most memorable and unique in the game. His quirky and unpredictable personality adds a lot of depth and interest to the story. Allowing him to live also opens up new dialogue options and interactions with other NPCs.

However, whether or not to let Cicero live ultimately depends on personal preference. Some players may find his character annoying or dislike his actions in the storyline. In that case, it may be more satisfying to eliminate him. But, if you are willing to overlook his flaws and appreciate his contribution to the game, then it is definitely worth letting him live.

Is Cicero A Good Guy Skyrim?

Cicero is a character in Skyrim who is a member of the Dark Brotherhood, a group of assassins. He is known for his eccentric behavior and his twisted sense of humor. While some players may sympathize with Cicero due to his tragic backstory and his loyalty to the Dark Brotherhood, others may view him as a villain due to his violent tendencies and his willingness to kill anyone who gets in his way. Ultimately, whether or not Cicero is a “good guy” in Skyrim is a matter of personal interpretation and depends on the player’s moral compass. It is important to note, however, that his actions oten have negative consequences for innocent NPCs in the game world.

What Happens If You Let Cicero Leave?

If you decide to let Cicero leave, he will thank you for sparing his life and leave the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary. However, he will not disappear entirely from the game. In fact, he will become a potential follower for the player character, meaning that they can recruit him to accompany them on their adventures throughout Skyrim.

As a follower, Cicero has a unique personality and set of dialogue lines that make him an interesting addition to the game. He is kown for his quirky sense of humor and his tendency to break into song and dance at random times. In terms of combat, Cicero is a skilled assassin and can be a valuable asset in battle.

It’s worth noting that if you do choose to let Cicero live and become your follower, it may affect your relationship with the rest of the Dark Brotherhood. Some members may view Cicero as a traitor and be less willing to work with you as a result. However, this is a relatively minor consequence and should not have a major impact on gameplay.

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The decision to kill Cicero in the Dark Brotherhood questline ultimately rests on the player’s moral compass and personal preferences. On one hand, Cicero is a notorious killer and a potential threat to innocent lives. On the other hand, sparing Cicero can lead to interesting dialogue options and the opportunity to recruit him as a follower, who hapens to be quite strong in combat. However, it is important to keep in mind that sparing Cicero does not necessarily absolve him of his past crimes and actions. Ultimately, it is up to the player to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether Cicero deserves to live or die.

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