Should I evolve Gastly?

Answered by Robert Flynn

So, when it comes to evolving Gastly, there is really no disadvantage in doing it as soon as possible. In fact, I would say it’s actually beneficial to evolve it earlier rather than later. Let me explain why.

Firstly, when Gastly evolves into Haunter and eventually into Gengar, it gains access to a wider movepool. This means that it can learn a greater variety of moves, including some powerful ones that can be really handy in battles. By evolving it earlier, you can start taking advantage of these moves sooner and make your Gengar a more versatile and formidable Pokémon.

Secondly, Gengar has better base stats compared to Haunter. Its stats in areas like Special Attack, Speed, and overall base stat total are higher, which means it can hit harder and potentially outspeed opponents in battles. By evolving Gastly earlier, you can start benefiting from these improved stats and have a stronger Pokémon on your team.

Furthermore, evolving Gastly into Haunter and then into Gengar also allows it to evolve through a trade. This can be an exciting and interactive process, especially if you have friends or fellow trainers to trade with. Plus, Gengar has a unique and interesting design, so evolving Gastly earlier gives you the opportunity to showcase and enjoy its cool appearance.

Based on my personal experience, I evolved my Gastly into Haunter as soon as it reached the required level. I found that having Haunter on my team added a lot of value, as it brought a different set of moves and abilities compared to Gastly. It was able to handle battles more effectively and contributed to my overall success in the game.

There is no need to wait to evolve Gastly. Evolving it earlier into Haunter and then into Gengar provides several advantages, including a wider movepool, better stats, and the opportunity for an engaging trading experience. So go ahead and evolve your Gastly as soon as you can, and enjoy the benefits of having a powerful and unique Gengar on your team!