Should heat pump fan be on auto or on?

Answered by Jason Smith

When it comes to deciding whether to set your heat pump fan on auto or on, there are a few factors to consider. However, in terms of energy efficiency, it is generally recommended to keep the fan on auto. Let me explain why.

Firstly, when the fan is set to auto, it only runs when the system is actively cooling or heating your home. This means that it is not running continuously, which can save a significant amount of energy. If the fan runs continuously, it uses electricity even when the system is not actively cooling or heating, leading to unnecessary energy consumption.

Furthermore, keeping the fan on auto can improve the dehumidification process in your home, especially during the summer months. When the fan is set to auto, moisture from the cold cooling coils can drip and be drained outside. This helps to reduce the humidity levels in your home, making it more comfortable and preventing the growth of mold and mildew.

On the other hand, if you choose to keep the fan on continuously, it can lead to a less efficient dehumidification process. The constant airflow may not allow enough time for the moisture to drip and drain, resulting in higher humidity levels in your home. This can make your living space feel muggy and uncomfortable, especially in humid climates.

Additionally, running the fan continuously can also increase the wear and tear on the fan motor. Over time, this can lead to higher maintenance and repair costs. By setting the fan on auto, you allow the fan motor to rest when it is not needed, potentially prolonging its lifespan and reducing the need for repairs.

Keeping your heat pump fan on auto is the most energy-efficient option. It ensures that the fan only runs when the system is actively cooling or heating, reducing unnecessary energy consumption. Moreover, setting the fan on auto allows for better dehumidification in your home during the summer months, preventing excessive humidity and potential mold growth. So, if you want to optimize energy efficiency and maintain a comfortable indoor environment, it is recommended to keep your heat pump fan on auto.