Should diaper ruffles be in or out?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

Should diaper ruffles be in or out? This is a question that many parents may not think about, but it actually plays an important role in preventing leaks and ensuring the diaper fits properly. The ruffles, or leg cuffs, are the elastic edges on the sides of the diaper that help create a seal around your baby’s legs. When these ruffles are pulled out, they create a barrier that helps to contain any messes and prevent leakage.

So, the short answer is yes, diaper ruffles should be pulled out. But let’s dive into the reasons why this small step is so important.

First and foremost, pulling out the ruffles helps ensure a snug fit around your baby’s legs. This is crucial because a proper fit is what prevents leaks. When the ruffles are left tucked in, they can’t effectively create a seal, which leaves room for leaks to happen. By taking the time to pull them out, you are ensuring that the diaper is snug and secure, minimizing the chances of any accidents.

Another reason to pull out the ruffles is to avoid irritation or discomfort for your baby. When the ruffles are tucked in, they can rub against your baby’s sensitive skin, causing redness, irritation, or even chafing. By pulling them out, you are making sure that the soft, smooth part of the diaper is in contact with your baby’s skin, reducing any potential irritation.

Pulling out the ruffles also helps with proper airflow and ventilation. When the ruffles are left tucked in, they can trap moisture and heat, creating a breeding ground for bacteria and leading to diaper rash. By pulling them out, you are allowing air to circulate more freely, keeping your baby’s skin drier and reducing the chances of diaper rash.

Now that we’ve established why it’s important to pull out the ruffles, let’s talk about how to do it properly. When changing your baby’s diaper, before fastening the tabs, take a moment to run your finger around the edges of the diaper, making sure the ruffles are pulled out all the way around. It’s a simple and quick step that can make a big difference in preventing leaks and keeping your baby comfortable.

Pulling out the ruffles on the edge of the diaper is a crucial step in ensuring a proper fit, preventing leaks, and keeping your baby comfortable. By taking the time to do this simple task, you are helping to create a secure seal, reducing the chances of irritation and diaper rash, and promoting better airflow and ventilation. So, the next time you’re changing your baby’s diaper, don’t forget to give those ruffles a little tug and make sure they’re pulled out. Your baby will thank you for it!