Sea of Thieves Boasts a Robust Support System

Sea of Thieves is a popular online multiplayer game that allows players to engage in pirate-themed adventures on the high seas. As with any online game, players may occasionally encounter issues or problems that require support from the game’s developers. Fortunately, Sea of Thieves offers a robust support system that can help players resolve any issues they may encounter.

To access Sea of Thieves support, players can visit the game’s website and click on the support drop-down menu at the top of the page. From there, they can select “Visit our support site” to be taken to the game’s support portal. Once there, players can search for solutions to common problems or issues by typing keywords into the search bar. For example, if a player is experiencing lag or connectivity issues, they can type “lag” or “connectivity” into the search bar to find articles or FAQs that may help.

If a player is unable to find a solution to their problem through the support portal, they can click on the “Raise a support request” button at the bottom of the page to submit a ticket to the game’s support team. Players will need to provide details about their issue, including any error messages or screenshots that may be relevant. Once the ticket is submitted, players can track its progress and receive updates from the support team until the issue is resolved.

It’s worth noting that Sea of Thieves has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to cheating or hacking in the game. Players who are caught cheating or uing exploits may be permanently banned from the game, and any progress they have made may be reset. Additionally, any content that has been data-mined from the game is prohibited from being shared on the game’s channels, as it can spoil future updates for players who prefer to experience new content as it is released.

Sea of Thieves offers a comprehensive support system that can help players resolve any issues they may encounter while playing the game. Whether through the support portal or by submitting a support ticket, players can get the help they need to keep their pirate adventures sailing smoothly.

How Do I Contact Sea Of Thieves?

To contact Sea of Thieves, you can visit their website and go to the “Support” section. From there, you can find various ways to get in touch with their customer support team. One option is to submit a ticket, which requires you to fill out a form with your name, email, and a description of your issue. Another option is to browse their FAQ section to see if your question has already been answered. Additionally, you can reach out to Sea of Thieves on their social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook.

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How Do You Make A Support Ticket In Sea Of Thieves?

To make a support ticket in Sea of Thieves, you need to follow a few simple steps. First, click on the support drop-down menu located at the top of the webpage. Next, select the option that says “Visit our support site”. Once you’re on the support site, type in the keyword “TEST” in the search bar and hit enter. This will take you to the bottom of the page where you’ll find a button that says “Raise a support request”. Click on this button, and you’ll be directed to a page where you can fill out and submit your support ticket.

It’s important to be as detailed as possible when filling out your support ticket. This helps the support team understand the issue you’re facing and provide an appropriate solution. To avoid repetition, try to use a maximum of synonyms and bullet points where necessary to explain the content of your ticket.

Remember, the support team is there to help you, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re experiencing any issues whie playing Sea of Thieves.

What Is Bannable In Sea Of Thieves?

In Sea of Thieves, any form of in-game hacking or cheating is strictly prohibited and can result in a permanent ban. This zero tolerance approach means that any behaviour or activity that is deemed unfair or disruptive to the game’s balance is not tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, exploiting glitches, using third-party software, or modifying game files.

Furthermore, data-mined content is also prohibited from being shared on official Sea of Thieves channels. This is becaue it can ruin future game updates for players who have no wish to be exposed to incomplete or out-of-context information. Therefore, it is important to respect the developer’s wishes and not share any data-mined content on official channels.

Any form of in-game cheating or hacking, as well as sharing data-mined content on official channels, is bannable in Sea of Thieves. The consequences for engaging in these activities can be severe and result in a permanent ban from the game.


Sea of Thieves has a comprehensive support system in place for players who encounter issues or require assistance. Their website offers a variety of resources, including a searchable knowledge base and the ability to raise a support request. It is important to note that the game has a zero-tolerance policy towards cheating and data-mined content, which can result in a permanent ban. Therefore, players should always adhere to the game’s rules and regulations to avoid any issues. Sea of Thieves’ support system is efficient, user-friendly, and provides players with the necessary tools to resolve any problems they may encounter.

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