Scott Speedman’s Return To The Underworld Is Up In The Air

Scott Speedman, the Canadian actor, is best known for his role as Michael Corvin in the Underworld film series. The franchise is a popular action-horror series that revolves around the ongoing war between vampires and werewolves. Speedman portrayed the character of Michael, a vampire-werewolf hybrid, in the first two films of the series – Underworld and Underworld: Evolution.

Speedman’s character, Michael, is an integral part of the Underworld universe. He is the love interest of Selene, the main protagonist of the series, and the father of Eve, a powerful hybrid child who plays a significant role in later installments of the franchise. Michael’s character is unique as he is the only known vampire-werewolf hybrid in the Underworld universe, making him a crucial target for both the vampire and werewolf factions.

However, Scott Speedman did not reprise his role of Michael in the subsequent films of the series. In Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, a prequel to the first film, Michael’s character is absent, and the film focuses on the backstory of the vampire and werewolf feud. In Underworld: Awakening, the fourth film of the series, Michael’s character is briefly mentioned, but he does not make an appearance. The film primarily revolves around Selene and her daughter, Eve.

In a recent interview with ShockTillYouDrop, Scott Speedman revealed that he does not expect to return to the Underworld franchise. His absence from the later films of the series has left fans wondering about the fate of his character, Michael. In Underworld: Blood Wars, the fifth film of the franchise, it is revealed that Michael was captured by Marius, a vampire elder, and his blood was drained, resulting in his death.

Despite Scott Speedman’s absence from the later films of the series, his portrayal of Michael in the first two films has left a lasting impression on fans of the Underworld franchise. The character’s unique backstory and his relationship with Selene have made him a fan-favorite. While it is unlikely that Scott Speedman will return to the series, his character’s legacy will continue to be a significant part of the Underworld universe.

Scott Speedman’s portrayal of Michael Corvin in the Underworld franchise has left a significant impact on the series. While the actor has not returned to the franchise in the later films, his character’s legacy continues to be an essential part of the Underworld universe. Fans of the series will always remember Speedman’s portrayal of the unique and complex character of Michael.

What Happened To Scott Speedman Character In Underworld?

In the movie Underworld, Scott Speedman’s character, Michael, was frozen in stasis by the vampire elder Viktor, as he was a hybrid of a vampire and a werewolf, which was considered a threat to both species. Later, Selene, the main protagonist, finds Michael’s frozen body and tries to release him from his captivity. However, after Selene defeats the main villain, Marcus, played by Stephen Rea, she returns to find that Michael has broken free from his frozen state and run off on his own. Therefore, Michael’s fate is left open-ended at the end of the movie.

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Will Scott Speedman Return To Underworld?

According to recent statements made by actor Scott Speedman and reported by ShockTillYouDrop, it appears highly unlikely that he will be returning to the ‘Underworld’ franchise. While no official announcement has been made regarding Speedman’s involvement in any future films, it seems that the actor himself does not expect to reprise his role. However, fans of the series can still look forward to the return of Kate Beckinsale as the leather-clad Selene.

Why Isn T Michael In Underworld: Blood Wars?

Michael is not in Underworld: Blood Wars because he was captured by the film’s antagonist, Marius. Marius slit Michael’s throat and drained his blood, which resulted in Michael’s death, granting Marius a temporary boost in his abilities. As a result, Michael’s character is not present in the film.

Who Is Michael Related To In Underworld?

Michael Corvin is related to Selene, a vampire and the main protagonist of the Underworld series. He is also the father of Eve, a hybrid child who possesses both vampire and werewolf abilities. Additionally, Michael has a complicated relationship with his father, Alexander Corvinus, who is the source of both the vampire and werewolf bloodlines. Michael’s hybrid nature and his ties to both the vampire and werewolf clans make him a key figure in the ongoing conflict between the two groups.


It’s clear that Scott Speedman will not be returning to the Underworld franchise to reprise his role as Michael Corvin. While this may come as a disappointment to some fans, it’s important to note that the series will stil continue without him. Michael’s fate in the series is left ambiguous, with his apparent death at the hands of Marius. However, the focus of the story has always been on Selene and her battles against the vampire and Lycan clans. With Kate Beckinsale returning as Selene, fans can still expect the same action-packed and thrilling experience that they have come to love from the Underworld franchise.

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