“Savannah Smiles” Showcases a Star-Studded Cast

Savannah Smiles is a heartwarming family film that was released in 1982. The movie is known for its strong cast that brought the characters to life. The film centers around the character of Savannah, played by Bridgette Andersen, a seven-year-old girl who decides to run away from her neglectful parents. The film’s cast includes some of the most iconic actors of the time.

Bridgette Andersen, who played Savannah, was a child star who had already made a name for herself in Hollywood. She had previously appeared in films like “The Apple Dumpling Gang” and “Gun Shy”. Andersen was only nine years old when she passed away due to accidental drug overdose, which made “Savannah Smiles” one of her last films.

Mark Miller played Alvie, one of the two convicts who find Savannah. Miller was a well-known actor at the time and had previously appeared in films like “The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes” and “The Strongest Man in the World”. He was also a successful musician and had written several hit songs.

Donovan Scott played Bootsie, the other convict who finds Savannah. Scott was a talented actor who had previously appeared in films like “Popeye” and “Police Academy”. He also had a successful career as a voice actor, lending his voice to several animated series.

Michael Parks played the role of Harland, Savannah’s father who is running for the United States Senate. Parks was a seasoned actor who had already made a name for himself in Hollywood. He was known for his roles in films like “Kill Bill” and “From Dusk Till Dawn”.

Fran Ryan played the role of Nell, Savannah’s grandmother. Ryan was a talented actress who had appeared in several films and TV shows. She was known for her roles in films like “The Graduate” and “The Longest Yard”.

“Savannah Smiles” is a classic family film that is beloved by audiences around the world. The strong cast brought the characters to life and made the film a success. The film’s legacy lives on today, and it remains a favorite amog movie fans of all ages.

Where Was The Movie Savannah Smiles Filmed?

The movie Savannah Smiles was filmed on location in various areas of Utah. Specifically, the filming took place in Salt Lake City, Provo Canyon, and the mountainous region towards the southeast, near Sundance. One of the notable scenes in the movie where the gondola was featured was shot at Bridal Veil Falls.

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How Old Is Savannah Smiles?

Savannah Smiles is a seven-year-old girl, as portrayed in the movie of the same name. The film centers around her experiences as a young child whose parents are preoccupied with their political ambitions, leading her to run away from home in search of attention and affection.

Who Played Bootsie In Savannah Smiles?

Donovan Scott played the character of Bootsie in the 1982 film “Savannah Smiles”. He is an American actor and comedian who has appeared in several movies and TV shows throughout his career. Some of his notable works include “Police Academy 3: Back in Training”, “She’s Out of Control”, “Popeye”, and “Angus”. In “Savannah Smiles”, he played the role of a convict who, along with his partner, comes across a young girl named Savannah.


Savannah Smiles is a heartwarming film that features a talented cast of actors who bring the story to life. Mark Miller and Donovan Scott deliver standout performances as the two escaped convicts who find themselves responsible for the young Savannah, played brilliantly by Bridgette Andersen. The film also features strong supporting performances from Chris Robinson, Fran Ryan, and Michael Parks. The beautiful Utah scenery serves as a stunning backdrop for the film, adding to its overall charm. the cast of Savannah Smiles helps to create a memorable and enjoyable film that continues to be cherished by audiences today.

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