Robby Returns With A New Mission In ‘new Girl’ Season 6

Robby is a character in the hit TV series “New Girl”. He first appears in season 4 as a love interest for Jess, the show’s main character. Robby is portrayed as a laid-back, easy-going guy who is initially introduced as a “music hater.” However, as the show progresses, it becomes clear that he is an accomplished musician.

In season 6, Robby returns to the show as the president of the “Single and Sufficient” club. This club is for people who are content being single and do not feel the need to be in a relationship. However, Robby is kicked out of the club afer he admits to having romantic feelings for Jess, who is also a member.

In the episode “The Hike”, Jess and Robby learn that they are actually third cousins. This realization ends their romantic relationship, but they remain friends. Jess eventually becomes the principal of the private school where she used to teach.

When Cece, Jess’s best friend, enters a relationship with Robby, it is clear that she is still angry at Schmidt, her ex-boyfriend, for the way he treated her in the first season. She dates Robby because he is the opposite of Schmidt, despite still wanting to be with him.

Robby and Jess also team up as musicians and sing “Africa” around the campfire during one of their outings for the singles group. This showcases Robby’s musical talent and proves that he is not a “music hater” as he claimed to be.

Robby is a complex character in “New Girl” who goes through various relationships and personal growth throughout the show’s run. His musical talent and easy-going personality make him a fan favorite, and his romantic relationship with Jess adds an interesting dynamic to the show.

What Happened To Robby On New Girl?

In Season 6 of New Girl, Robby returns to the show and becomes the president of the “Single and Sufficient” club. However, it is revealed that he has developed romantic feelings for Jess, who is also a member of the club. As a result, Robby is kicked out of the club for violating its rules on maintaining a platonic relationship with other members. This event marks a turning point in Robby’s character arc as he struggles to come to terms with his feelings for Jess and their impact on their friendship.

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Why Does Jess Break Up With Robby?

In the episode “The Hike” of the TV show “New Girl”, Jess and Robby discover that they are distant relatives, specifically third cousins, after learning that they share relatives in Massachusetts. This realization leads them to end their romantic relationship. Despite their feelings for each other, they decide to prioritize their familial connection and avoid any potential complications or ethical issues that may arise from continuing their romantic involvement. Therefore, Jess breaks up with Robby due to the newly discovered familial connection between them.

Why Did Cece Get With Robby?

Cece got with Robby because she was still angry with Schmidt for the way he treated her in the first season. Even though she still wanted to be with Schmidt, she dated Robby because he was the complete opposite of Schmidt. She wanted to distance herself from Schmidt’s behavior and found comfort in Robby’s contrasting personality.

Does Robby Actually Sing In New Girl?

Robby does sing in New Girl. Despite his initial claim of not liking music, he demonstrates his musical skills by season six of the show. He and Jess team up to sing “Africa” by Toto around the campfire during one of the outings for their singles group. It is worth mentioning that Robby proves himself to be an accomplished musician, showcasing his talents throughout the show.


Robby is a multi-dimensional character in New Girl, who returns in Season 6 as the president of the “Single and Sufficient” club. He is a talented musician, and despite initially denying his love for music, proves himself to be a skilled singer and guitarist. Robby’s romantic relationship with Jess is short-lived, as they discover that they are third cousins and end things. He also becomes involved with Cece, who dates him as a way to get back at her ex, Schmidt. Robby’s character adds depth and humor to the show, and his musical talents provide additional entertainment for viewers.

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