The Tragic Story of Lady Lola in Reign

The CW television series Reign depicts the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, and her reign as the Queen of Scotland. One of the prominent characters in the series is Lady Lola Fleming, played by Anna Popplewell. Lady Lola is based on Mary Fleming, one of the attendants of Mary, Queen of Scots.

Lady Lola’s character in the series is introduced as one of Mary’s closest friends and confidantes. She is shown to be a loyal and devoted friend to Mary, always ready to support her through thick and thin. However, Lady Lola’s life takes a dramatic turn when she becomes involved with King Francis, Mary’s betrothed.

Lady Lola and King Francis’ affair results in the birth of a son, John Philip, who is latr given lands and titles by his father. Lady Lola’s betrayal of Mary by sleeping with her betrothed leads to a strained relationship between the two friends. However, Mary eventually forgives Lady Lola and becomes the godmother of John Philip.

Despite Lady Lola’s redemption, her life ends tragically when she is accused of treason and beheaded. The loss of her dear friend deeply affects Mary, and her death serves as a reminder of the dangers and challenges faced by women in positions of power during that era.

Lady Lola’s character in Reign serves as a reminder of the complex relationships and political intrigue that characterized the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots. Her loyalty, betrayal, and tragic ending are a testament to the harsh realities faced by women in positions of power during that time.

Why Was Lola Executed In Reign?

Lady Lola was executed in Reign becuse she was accused of committing treason against Queen Elizabeth. Lola had developed a close friendship with Queen Elizabeth, but was later misled by a false letter that she believed was an order from her Queen. The letter instructed Lola to kill Queen Elizabeth’s cousin, Mary Queen of Scots. Lola followed the instructions in the letter, which ultimately led to her betrayal of Queen Elizabeth. As a result, Lola was found guilty of treason and was subsequently beheaded. Her execution served as a warning to others not to betray the Queen and to remain loyal to the crown.

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What Happens To Lola’s Baby In Reign?

In the TV series Reign, Lola’s baby is named John Philip and he is the illegitimate son of King Francis. Due to his status as an illegitimate child, John Philip faces a difficult upbringing with a lack of parental figures. Unfortunately, his father King Francis is assassinated by Scottish intruders, leaving John as an orphan. Tragically, John’s mother Lola is also executed not long after. As a result, John is left to be raised in the French court without the care and guidance of his biological parents. Despite these challenges, John Philip is given lands and titles, including the Baron of Vallie, and is provided with a noble upbringing.

Why Did King Francis Sleep With Lola?

King Francis slept with Lola because he was heartbroken over Mary’s decision to end their engagement. It is important to note that Francis is only in love with Mary and his relationship with Lola was not based on love or attraction. It was a one-time occurrence that happened during a difficult time for Francis. However, this encounter resulted in Lola becoming pregnant with Francis’s son, Jean-Philippe.

Is Lola From Reign Real?

Lady Lola Fleming, the character portrayed by Anna Popplewell in the CW television series Reign, is based on a historical figure named Mary Fleming. Mary Fleming was one of the four ladies-in-waiting to Mary, Queen of Scots, and was known for her beauty and wit. She was also a close friend of the queen and was present durng many significant events in Mary’s life. While it is difficult to know exactly how accurately the character of Lady Lola reflects the real-life Mary Fleming, it is clear that the show’s writers drew inspiration from her story and incorporated elements of her life into the character. Therefore, while Lady Lola is a fictional character, she is based on a real historical figure named Mary Fleming.


Lady Lola Fleming was a significant character in the Reign television series, based on Mary Fleming, a real-life Scottish courtier. Lola’s character had a complicated storyline, including her friendship with Queen Elizabeth, her betrayal of the Queen, and her eventual execution for treason. However, Lola’s legacy lived on through her son, John Philip, who became a respected member of French society, despite beng an orphan. Lola’s relationship with King Francis also resulted in the birth of their son, Jean-Philippe, making Mary Queen of Scots his godmother. Lola’s character added depth and complexity to the Reign series, and her story is a reminder of the harsh realities of life in the royal courts during the 16th century.

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