The Deadly Reapers of “The 100”

Reapers are a unique and formidable force in the world of The 100. These beings were created by the Mountain Men in Mount Weather to capture Grounders, who are the native inhabitants of the post-apocalyptic Earth. The Reapers are a group of Grounders who have been captured and injected with a drug known as Red. This drug is highly addictive and makes the Grounders fear the sound of the alarm that is used to control them.

The name Reaper is derived from the fact that they “reap” Grounders. They are tasked with going out and collecting Grounders and bringing them to Mount Weather, who neds them for unknown purposes. The people in Mount Weather cannot survive on the ground without full body Haz-Mat radiation suits, which are not the most efficient way to move around. Therefore, the Reapers are a vital resource to the Mountain Men.

The Reapers are unique in that they are not entirely human anymore. The Red drug has had a profound effect on their bodies and minds. They have become stronger, faster, and more agile than any normal human could ever hope to be. They are also highly resistant to pain and are almost impossible to kill. The Reapers have become the perfect weapons for the Mountain Men to use against the Grounders.

The Reapers are also incredibly skilled fighters. They are trained to use a variety of weapons, from swords to guns to their own bare hands. Their fighting style is brutal and efficient, with little room for mercy or hesitation. They are ruthless and will stop at nothing to complete their mission.

Despite their fearsome reputation, the Reapers are not entirely without emotion. They are still capable of feeling fear, anger, and even a twisted sense of loyalty to their captors. However, these emotions are suppressed by the Red drug, which makes them more like machines than people.

The Reapers are a unique and terrifying force in The 100. They are the perfect tools for the Mountain Men to use against the Grounders, and their strength and fighting skills make them nearly unstoppable. The Red drug has turned them into something less than human, but they are still capable of feeling some emotions. The Reapers are a testament to the lengths that people will go to in order to survive in a harsh and unforgiving world.

How Were Reapers Created In The 100?

The Reapers in The 100 were created by the Mountain Men who resided in Mount Weather. Their main purpose was to capture Grounders, who were seen as a threat by the Mountain Men. The Reapers were created specifically to counter the strength and agility of the Grounders.

The process of creating Reapers involved capturing normal (stronger) Grounders and injecting them with the Red drug. This drug was highly addictive and caused the Grounders to become dependent on it. The Red drug also had the effect of making the Grounders fear the sound of an alarm that was used by the Mountain Men to control the Reapers.

The injection of the Red drug into the Grounders caused them to undergo a transformation, physically and mentally. The Grounders bcame stronger, but also lost their ability to speak and reason. They became mindless killing machines that obeyed the commands of the Mountain Men.

To sum up, the Reapers in The 100 were created by injecting normal Grounders with the Red drug until they became addicted to it and feared the sound of the alarm. The resulting transformation turned them into mindless killing machines that were used by the Mountain Men to capture and control the Grounders.

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What Do Reapers Do To Grounders?

Reapers are a group of people who are tasked with collecting Grounders and bringing them to Mount Weather. The reason behind this is that the people living in Mount Weather cannot survive on the ground wthout full body Haz-Mat radiation suits. Therefore, they need Grounders to perform various tasks for them.

To be more specific, the Reapers are known to be brutal and violent in their approach. They use weapons like axes and knives to capture Grounders and bring them back to Mount Weather. The captured Grounders are then subjected to various experiments and procedures to extract their bone marrow, which is used to make a serum that helps the people of Mount Weather survive the radiation outside.

In addition to capturing Grounders, the Reapers are also known to be fierce fighters. They are often sent out to engage in battles with the Grounders and protect the interests of Mount Weather.

Reapers are a group of people who collect Grounders and bring them to Mount Weather to extract their bone marrow. They are also tasked with protecting the interests of Mount Weather by engaging in battles with the Grounders.


The Reapers in The 100 are a terrifying product of the Mountain Men’s experimentation on Grounders. These once-strong warriors were turned into addicted collectors, hunting down their own people for the benefit of Mount Weather. The name Reaper is a fitting reminder of how the Mountain Men reap the lives of Grounders to sustain their own survival. The Reapers serve as a reminder of the dangers of experimentation and the consequences of trying to control others for one’s own gain. Their presence in the show adds depth and complexity to the struggle for survival on the ground and highlights the ethical dilemmas that arise in times of crisis.

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