Otho: A Portrait of the Eccentric Designer in Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice, the 1988 horror-comedy film directed by Tim Burton, is known for its quirky and eccentric characters. One of these characters is Otho, played by the late Glenn Shadix. Otho is a flamboyant interior designer who is brought in by the Deetz family to revamp their new home in the afterlife.

Otho’s character is not just a mere designer, he is a vital figure in the Deetz family and the society of the dead. He is the one who resurrects the Maitlands, the ghosts of the previous owners of the house, and helps them in their quest to scare away the Deetz family. Otho’s extensive knowledge of the afterlife and his ability to communicate with the dead make him an important ally for the Maitlands.

Apart from his supernatural abilities, Otho is also known for his flamboyant personality and his love for the finer tings in life. He is often seen wearing elaborate outfits and accessories, and his snobbish behavior towards the Maitlands and their simple ways is a source of comic relief in the movie.

However, Otho’s character also has a darker side. He is shown to be manipulative and selfish, using his knowledge of the afterlife for personal gain. He even tries to bring back the deceased Beetlejuice, who is a dangerous and unpredictable character.

Otho’s character is played brilliantly by Glenn Shadix, who brings a unique charm and humor to the role. Shadix’s portrayal of Otho is one of the highlights of the movie and his performance is still remembered fondly by fans of the film.

Otho is a complex character who plays a vital role in the plot of Beetlejuice. His knowledge of the afterlife and his flamboyant personality make him a memorable character, but his manipulative tendencies also show a darker side to his personality. Glenn Shadix’s performance as Otho is a testament to his talent as an actor and his contribution to the film.

What Poem Does Otho Recite In Beetlejuice?

In the movie Beetlejuice, Otho recites lines from the poem “The Warning” by Thomas Lovell Beddoes while he is resurrecting the Maitlands. The poem is about death and the warning it gives to the living. The lines recited by Otho are: “And if thy heart within thee burn, / And if thy soul within thee yearn, / Oh! listen to the dead man’s peal, / And heed what the dead man’s lips reveal.” The poem is used in the movie to foreshadow the dangers of summoning Beetlejuice and the consequences that come with it.

otho in beetlejuice

Who Is The Lady With Otho In Beetlejuice?

The lady who is seen with Otho in the movie Beetlejuice is played by actress and costume designer Adelle Lutz. She portrayed the character of Beryl, who is a friend of Delia Deetz, the main character’s stepmother. Beryl is known for her eccentric fashion sense and her interest in the paranormal, which is why she is seen attending the séance held by Delia and Otho in the movie. Adelle Lutz is a well-known personality in the film industry and has worked in several movies as a costume designer, including The Hunger and Desperately Seeking Susan.

What Happened To Otho In Beetlejuice?

In the movie Beetlejuice, Otho was a character played by actor Glenn Shadix. Otho was a flamboyant interior decorator who was hired by the Deetz family to redecorate their new home. He became obsessed with the idea of summoning the ghost of the previous owner, Lydia’s dead friend, to help him create a supernatural art exhibition. However, his plan went awry when he accidentally summoned the titular character, Beetlejuice, who caused chaos and threatened the safety of the Deetz family. Otho eventually realized his mistake and, aong with the other characters, worked to banish Beetlejuice back to the afterlife. Glenn Shadix, the actor who portrayed Otho, passed away in 2010 due to blunt trauma following a fall.

What Does Otho Do?

Otho is a designer who performs an important role in the Deetz family and society at large. Specifically, he is responsible for the design and decoration of the Deetz’s new home, whch includes selecting furniture, artwork, and other decorative items. Otho’s job requires him to have an eye for aesthetics and an understanding of design principles. Beyond his professional responsibilities, Otho also plays a significant role in the Deetz family’s social dynamics. He is often seen as the mediator between the family members and is responsible for managing conflicts between them. Additionally, Otho is portrayed as a flamboyant and eccentric character, which adds a unique dimension to the story.


Otho is a complex character in the movie Beetlejuice. As a designer, he is skilled and talented, but he also performs a difficult role in the Deetz family and society as a whole. He is portrayed as a pretentious and pompous individual, but his actions suggest that he is also caring and concerned about the well-being of those around him. Despite his flaws, Otho is an integral part of the movie’s plot and provides a memorable performance. Although his character meets an unfortunate end, his portrayal by Glenn Shadix remains an iconic part of the Beetlejuice legacy.

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