Use Nincada’s False Swiper Ability On Your Next Hunt

Nincada is a Bug-type Pokemon that is ofen overlooked by trainers due to its lackluster stats and unimpressive moveset. However, Nincada has a unique ability that makes it an invaluable asset in battles: it can learn False Swipe.

False Swipe is a move that leaves the opponent with at least 1 HP, making it the perfect move for catching wild Pokemon without accidentally knocking them out. Nincada can learn this move at level 45, but it is also available through TM54.

While Nincada may not be the strongest or most versatile Pokemon, its ability to learn False Swipe makes it a valuable addition to any trainer’s team. It can be especially useful for catching rare or elusive Pokemon that have a low catch rate, as False Swipe ensures that they will always be left with at least 1 HP.

Additionally, Nincada’s Bug typing makes it effective against Grass, Psychic, and Dark types, making it a useful Pokemon to have in battles against those types.

However, it’s important to note that Nincada’s low stats may make it difficult to use in battles against stronger opponents. It’s best to use Nincada primarily for catching Pokemon and as a backup option in battles.

While Nincada may not be the most powerful Pokemon, its ability to learn False Swipe makes it a valuable asset for any trainer looking to catch wild Pokemon. Its Bug typing also makes it effective against certain types in battles.

What Is The Strongest Pokemon That Can Learn False Swipe?

The strongest Pokemon that can learn False Swipe is Gallade. This Fighting/Psychic-type Pokemon has a base Attack stat of 125, which is among the highest in the game. Its ability, Justified, raises its Attack when hit by a Dark-type move, giving it even more power in battle.

In addition to False Swipe, Gallade can also learn Thunder Wave and Hypnosis, two moves that can be useful for catching wild Pokemon. Thunder Wave paralyzes the target, making it easier to catch, whie Hypnosis puts the target to sleep, increasing the catch rate even further.

Gallade is a formidable Pokemon that can serve as a valuable asset in catching wild Pokemon. Its high Attack stat, coupled with its ability to learn False Swipe, Thunder Wave, and Hypnosis, make it an ideal choice for trainers who are looking to complete their Pokedex or catch rare Pokemon.

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What Pokemon Can Learn False Swipe In Arceus?

In Arceus, there are a total of 10 Pokemon that can learn False Swipe. These Pokemon are:

1. Scyther
2. Scizor
3. Sneasel
4. Weavile
5. Breloom
6. Gallade
7. Gligar
8. Gliscor
9. Kabutops
10. Kricketune

False Swipe is a useful move in Pokemon battles as it leaves the target Pokemon with at least 1 HP, making it easier to catch them without accidentally knocking them out. It is a Normal-type move with a power of 40 and an accuracy of 100%. False Swipe can also be used outside of battles to cut down small trees and clear paths.

What Legendary Can Use False Swipe?

False Swipe is a highly useful move in Pokemon games that allows the user to leave the opponent with at least 1 HP, making it easier to catch wild Pokemon wthout accidentally knocking them out. When it comes to legendary Pokemon, there are only a few that can learn False Swipe. The following legendary Pokemon can learn False Swipe:

1. Zapdos
2. Mew
3. Raikou
4. Entei
5. Suicune
6. Latias
7. Latios
8. Regigigas
9. Cobalion
10. Terrakion
11. Virizion
12. Keldeo
13. Xerneas
14. Decidueye (as a signature move)

It is important to note that some of these Pokemon may require a specific move tutor or event to learn False Swipe. Additionally, not all legendary Pokemon can learn this move, so it is important to check the move set of each individual Pokemon before attempting to use False Swipe.

Why Is Nincada So Hard To Train?

Nincada is categorized as a Bug/Ground dual-type Pokémon species that possesses cetain traits which make it challenging to train. One of the primary reasons for its difficulty is its erratic EXP gain, which means that it requires more experience points than other Pokémon to level up. As a result, it takes longer for Nincada to learn new moves and gain access to higher-level attacks.

Additionally, Nincada’s base stats, except for its defense, are quite low, which means that it is not particularly strong in battles. This makes it harder for trainers to earn EXP points and level up quickly. Furthermore, Nincada’s movepool is relatively limited, and it can only learn a handful of useful moves, making it challenging to build a versatile and powerful moveset.

Nincada’s combination of low base stats, limited movepool, and erratic EXP gain makes it a challenging Pokémon to train. Trainers need to invest more time, effort, and resources to help Nincada reach its full potential.

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While Nincada may seem like an unremarkable Bug-type Pokemon at first glance, it is actually a valuable asset when it comes to learning False Swipe. While its stats may not be particularly impressive, it is still a useful tool for trainers who want to catch Pokemon without knocking them out. Furthermore, Nincada’s erratic EXP growth can make it a challenging but rewarding Pokemon to train, making it a useful addition to any team. Ultimately, while there may be othr Pokemon that are more well-known for their False Swipe abilities, Nincada is definitely worth considering for trainers who want to improve their catching skills.

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