Needy & Jennifer: A Queer Love Story

In the horror film “Jennifer’s Body,” Needy is portrayed as the quiet and obedient best friend of the titular character, Jennifer Check. However, as the plot progresses, it becomes clear that there is more to Needy than meets the eye. Unbeknownst to her, Needy harbors a romantic infatuation for Jennifer which makes her the first character in the movie to harbor a hidden romantic interest on a character of the same sex. This would make her bisexual, or possibly pansexual.

Despite her reserved nature, Needy proves to be more than capable of handling the supernatural challenges that come her way. When Jennifer becomes possessed by a demon and starts killing her male classmates, Needy steps up to stop her. In one scene, the two characters share a kiss, revealing the depth of Needy’s feelings for Jennifer.

Jennifer, on the other hand, is a dominant and attention-seeking character who revels in her newfound demonic powers. She uses them to manipulate and control tose around her, including Needy. However, she is also vulnerable and insecure, which makes her a more complex and sympathetic character.

Needy acquires some of Jennifer’s supernatural abilities, including incredible strength and levitation, but she doesn’t become a full-on human flesh consumer like Jennifer. Instead, Needy uses her newfound powers to take revenge on the band responsible for Jennifer’s possession and to escape the pressures of everyday society.

Needy and Jennifer are both complex and multi-faceted characters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Their relationship is complicated by Needy’s hidden romantic feelings and Jennifer’s demonic possession, but ultimately, they both prove to be powerful and capable in their own ways. The film “Jennifer’s Body” is a unique and thought-provoking exploration of female sexuality, friendship, and the supernatural.

Is Needy In Love With Jennifer?

According to the narrative of the film “Jennifer’s Body”, Needy harbors a hidden romantic interest in Jennifer Check. This is revealed through Needy’s behavior and actions towards Jennifer, which suggest a romantic infatuation. Therefore, it can be inferred that Needy is in love with Jennifer.

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Does Needy Kiss Jennifer?

In the horror film “Jennifer’s Body”, Needy and Jennifer share a kiss. This happens during a scene where Needy tries to stop Jennifer, who has become possessed by a demon and is killing her male classmates. The two characters share a brief but intimate moment before Needy continues her attempt to stop Jennifer.

Was Jennifer A Good Friend To Needy?

Based on the depiction of their relationship in the movie “Jennifer’s Body,” it can be argued that Jennifer was not a good friend to Needy. Jennifer is portrayed as dominant and self-centered, often disregarding Needy’s feelings and needs. Needy, on the oter hand, is depicted as compliant and subservient to Jennifer’s wishes. Jennifer uses Needy for her own benefit, such as when she brings Needy along to a concert just so she can have a ride home. Additionally, Jennifer ultimately sacrifices Needy’s well-being for her own gain, as she becomes a demon and tries to kill Needy. Therefore, it can be concluded that Jennifer was not a good friend to Needy in the movie.

What Powers Did Needy Get From Jennifer?

Needy acquired several supernatural abilities from Jennifer, including incredible strength and levitation. She did not become a full-on human flesh consumer like Jennifer. With her newfound powers, Needy was able to escape the pressures of everyday society and live life on her own terms.


Needy and Jennifer’s relationship in the horror film “Jennifer’s Body” is complex and multi-faceted. Needy’s hidden romantic interest in Jennifer showcases a bisexual or pansexual character, breaking away from traditional heterosexual norms in films. Jennifer, possessed by a demon, becomes the dominant partner in thir relationship, while Needy plays the role of the compliant, “good girl” friend. However, Needy’s character arc sees her acquiring supernatural abilities and breaking away from societal pressures, ultimately taking control of her own life. The relationship between Needy and Jennifer challenges societal norms and brings much-needed representation to the LGBTQ+ community in film. their dynamic adds an intriguing layer to the horror film and showcases the importance of diverse and complex characters in storytelling.

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