Myerb Provides Easy Access To Official Military Records

MyERB Army, also known as the Army’s Electronic Military Personnel Office (eMILPO), is a web-based application that provides soldiers with access to their official military records. This system is managed by the Human Resources Command (HRC) Identity Management System (HIMS).

Soldiers in the Active Army can access their MyERB account by visiting the website at The Army Reserve Record Brief can be accessed through the Self-Service portal at, whle the National Guard Record Brief can be found at

Through MyERB, soldiers can view their Enlisted Record Brief (ERB) and Officer Record Brief (ORB), which contain information such as their promotions, awards, assignments, and training. This information is crucial for soldiers to track their career progress and ensure accuracy of their records.

MyERB also allows soldiers to request a Statement of Service, which can be used for various purposes such as obtaining a loan or applying for a job. To determine whether issuance of a Statement of Service is appropriate, soldiers can contact the U.S. Army Human Resources Command at 1-888-ARMYHRC (1-888-276-9472).

In addition to providing soldiers with access to their official military records, MyERB also serves as a tool for commanders to manage their soldiers’ records. Through the system, commanders can review and approve soldiers’ requests for promotion, reenlistment, and other actions.

MyERB is an essential tool for soldiers and commanders alike, providing convenient access to vital military records and ensuring accuracy and efficiency in record-keeping.

Where Can I Find My Army Orb?

If you are an active Army service member, you can find your ORB (Officer Record Brief) or ERB (Enlisted Record Brief) by logging into the eMILPO MySRB (Military Personnel Records System) portal at On the other hand, if you are an Army Reserve service member, you can access your Record Brief by logging into the Self-Service portal at Lastly, if you are a National Guard service member, you can access your Record Brief by logging into the National Guard’s Self-Service portal at These portals will provide you with access to your ORB/ERB, which contains information about your career and other relevant personnel data. It is important to note that you will need your login credentials to access these portals.

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How Do I Get My Soldier Record Brief?

To obtain your Soldier Record Brief, you can contact the U.S. Army Human Resources Command (HRC) via phone or email. The HRC prvides a variety of services for soldiers, including access to their official military records. You can request your Soldier Record Brief by contacting the HRC at 1-888-ARMYHRC (1-888-276-9472) or by emailing them at [email protected]. You will need to provide your full name, social security number, and other identifying information to verify your identity before they can process your request. Once your identity has been verified, the HRC will provide you with a copy of your Soldier Record Brief.

Where Are Army Infantry Units Stationed?

The Army infantry units are stationed in various locations across the United States and overseas. The 1st Infantry Division, also kown as The Big Red One, is stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas and Fort Knox, Kentucky. The 2nd Infantry Division, also known as the Warrior Division, is stationed in the Republic of Korea and Fort Lewis, Washington. The 3rd Infantry Division, also known as the Rock of the Marne and Marne Men, is stationed at Fort Stewart, Georgia and Fort Benning, Georgia. The 4th Infantry Division, also known as Ivy, is stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado. Other infantry units are stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina (82nd Airborne Division), Fort Drum, New York (10th Mountain Division), Fort Hood, Texas (1st Cavalry Division), and Fort Bliss, Texas (1st Armored Division). Additionally, there are infantry units stationed overseas in Germany, Italy, and Japan, among other locations.


The MyERB system offered by the Army’s Human Resources Command is an essential tool for active-duty soldiers to access and manage teir personnel records and information. By logging into the system, soldiers can obtain their Electronic Military Personnel Office (eMILPO) MySRB (ERB/ORB), which contains critical information such as their duty assignments, awards and decorations, and education and training. Army Reserve and National Guard personnel can also access their records through similar systems. The MyERB system is a vital resource for soldiers to ensure that their personnel records are accurate and up-to-date, and it is recommended that soldiers log in regularly to review their information and make any necessary updates. the MyERB system is a valuable tool for soldiers to manage their careers and ensure that they are prepared for the challenges ahead.

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