Mitch Cutty Brings Romance Into Heartland

Mitch Cutty is a beloved character on the long-running Canadian drama series Heartland. Fans have followed his journey throughout the show’s run, from his early days as a ranch hand to his romantic entanglements with various characters.

One of the most memorable relationships Mitch had on the show was with Lou Fleming, one of the main characters. The two began dating in season 12, and things seemed to be going well as they became engaged. However, in a dramatic turn of events, Mitch ultimately left Lou on their wedding day and went back to his ex-girlfriend Maya.

Despite this setback, Mitch remained a prominent character on the show, and fans continued to follow his story. He proved to be a loyal and trustworthy friend to the other characters, and his skills as a ranch hand were always in demand.

As the show progressed, Mitch’s relationship with Lou continued to evolve. They tried to make things work, but ultimately their differences proved too much to overcome. In season 14, they officially broke up, and Lou began to explore her options with her ex-husband Peter. However, Mitch remained a part of the show, and fans hoped that he woud find happiness with someone new.

In season 15, Mitch’s fortunes took a turn for the better. Maya called off their wedding before it even began, leaving Mitch free to pursue other options. Meanwhile, Lou’s relationship with Peter hit a rough patch, and she found herself drawn back to Mitch once again.

In a dramatic twist, Lou and Mitch finally rekindled their romance in season 15, much to the delight of fans. They worked through their issues and finally found the happiness they had been seeking for so long.

Kevin McGarry, the actor who plays Mitch, has been a fixture on Heartland since season 9. He has won over fans with his charming and charismatic performance, and his character’s journey has been one of the show’s most captivating storylines.

As Heartland continues into its next season, fans can’t wait to see what’s in store for Mitch and the rest of the beloved characters. With Kevin McGarry’s talent and the show’s enduring popularity, there’s no doubt that Mitch will continue to be a fan favorite for years to come.

What Happens To Mitch On Heartland?

Mitch is a recurring character on Heartland, a Canadian television series. Throughout the series, Mitch has been involved in various romantic relationships. He dated a girl named Maya in Season 12 and proposed to her, which she accepted. However, in the Season 12 finale, Mitch leaves Maya on ther wedding day and goes back to Lou, another character on the show. In Season 14, we find out that Mitch has proposed to Lou, and the two of them eventually get married. Throughout the series, Mitch has also been involved in various storylines related to the horses at Heartland, where he works as a veterinarian.

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Did They Write Mitch Out Of Heartland?

Mitch, the character played by actor Kevin McGarry, has been written out of Heartland. After appearing in episodes from season 9 to season 14, the actor was absent from season 15, indicating that he had left the show. IMDb credits his final episode as season 10 episode 14, “Staying the Course.” It is unclear if there were any specific reasons for the character’s exit from the show, but it is common for TV shows to make changes to their cast and storylines as they progress. Fans of the show may be disappointed to hear that they won’t see him again in season 16.

Why Did Lou And Mitch Break Up?

Lou and Mitch decided to take a break from teir marriage due to several reasons. One of the main reasons for their break was that Lou realized that she still had feelings for Peter, which made her doubt her decision to marry Mitch. Lou had hoped that by marrying Mitch, she would be able to focus on her career and not start another family. However, this did not turn out to be true, and Lou was left feeling uncertain about her marriage. Additionally, Mitch may have also played a role in the break-up due to his behavior or actions. As a result, Lou and Mitch decided to take a break from their marriage to reassess their feelings and figure out what they want in the future.

Is Mitch From Heartland On When Calls The Heart?

Kevin McGarry, who plays Mitch Cutty in CBC’s “Heartland,” is also a part of the cast of the Hallmark Channel’s flagship series “When Calls the Heart” as Nathan Grant. Kevin McGarry has appeared in multiple episodes of both shows, showcasing his talent as an actor. It is worth noting that although the character names are different, Kevin McGarry’s performances in both series have been well-received by fans and critics alike.

Do Lou And Mitch Ever Get Back Together?

Lou and Mitch do get back together, but it wasn’t until season 15 of the show. In season 14, their relationship slowly deteriorated and they eventually broke up. However, in the following season, they were able to work through their issues and reconcile. It’s important to note that it took some time and effort for them to get back together and it wasn’t an immediate fix to their problems.

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Do Mitch And Maya Get Married On Heartland?

Mitch and Maya do not get married on Heartland. They called off their wedding before it even began. Therefore, Mitch remains a free man and can pursue a relationship with other characters.

Is Mitch In Heartland Season 11?

Mitch is in Heartland season 11. Kevin McGarry plays the character of Mitch, who is now a partner with Jack and Tim. He appears in several episodes throughout the season, playing an important role in the storyline. The character of Mitch is well-loved by Heartland fans and his presence in season 11 is a welcome addition.


Mitch Cutty was a significant character on the popular Canadian television series, Heartland. He was introduced in season 9 and became a love interest for Lou Fleming, one of the show’s main characters. Mitch also had a previous relationship with Maya, whom he proposed to before leaving her on their wedding day to pursue Lou. Although Lou and Mitch eventually got engaged, their relationship became strained, leading to a breakup at the end of season 14. Despite this, Mitch remains a beloved character in the show’s history, and actor Kevin McGarry’s portrayal of him has earned him a loyal fan base. While McGarry did not appear in season 15, he returned in season 16 as a partner with Jack and Tim. Mitch’s character added depth and drama to the Heartland storyline, and his impact on the show is still felt by fans today.

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