14 Facts About Jatie Vlogs

Josh Brueckner is a one-of-a-kind individual: a professional mixed martial arts fighter, social media personality, boxing instructor, and personal trainer. He is best known for his popular couple’s vlog, Jatie Vlogs, on the YouTube platform.

Jatie Vlogs is a YouTube channel featuring an intimate look into the life of Josh and his wife Katie Betzing. The couple document their daily lives and adventures together in an entertaining and inspiring way. From vlogging about their wedding to funny challenges and quirky pranks, every video on the channel offers something unique.

The videos are shot in beautiful locations around the world with stunning visuals and camera angles that capture the beauty of each location. Josh’s experience as a professional MMA fighter gives him insight into how to make each video dynamic and entertaining. His boxing training also comes in handy when he has to film fight scenes between himself and Katie!

In addition to recording their daily lives for viewers’ entertainment, Jatie Vlogs also features challenges, pranks, travel videos, advice videos, Q&A’s with viewers and more – all of which offer an interesting insight into the couple’s life together.

The success of Jatie Vlogs can be attributed to its authenticity – viewers appreciate how genuine Josh and Katie are when they open up about their lives together. They also share plenty of tips and advice on fitness, relationships – even how to become a successful YouTuber!

So if you’re looking for some inspiring content or just want to watch something lighthearted and fun, then Jatie Vlogs is definitely worth checking out! With its combination of stunning visuals and down-to-earth storytelling, it’s no surprise that this vlog has become so popular among viewers around the world.

What Does Josh From Jatie Vlogs Do?

Josh Brueckner is a professional mixed martial arts fighter and a social media personality. He is mainly known for his popular couple’s vlog titled Jatie Vlogs on the YouTube platform. He is also a well-known boxing instructor and a personal trainer along with his professional MMA career.

Who Was Hating On Jatie Vlogs?

The feud between Jatie Vlogs and Maddie Joy and Elijah Wireman began when Maddie and Elijah accused Josh of cheating on Katie. In his defense, Josh released a video explaining that he had not cheated on Katie and that the whole thng was a misunderstanding. Maddie and Elijah then released a video accusing Katie of being controlling and manipulative.

Since then, the feud between the two couples has continued to escalate. Jatie Vlogs has been receiving hate comments from Maddie and Elijah’s fans, who accuse them of beng fake and dramatic.

What Happened To Jatie Vlogs?

In December 2017, the popular YouTube channel Jatie Vlogs announced that they were taking a break from making videos. The couple explained in a video that they were fighting more since starting the channel and needed some time apart to figure out who they were without it. The channel has not been active since then.

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Who Is Katie Betzing Married To?

Katie Brueckner is married to Josh Brueckner, who is an MMA fighter.

What Does Josh And Katie Do For A Living?

Josh Brueckner is a professional American MMA fighter, boxing instructor, and personal trainer. He has been fighting professionally since 2007 and has competed in organizations such as the UFC, Bellator, and World Series of Fighting. In addition to his own profession, he is also best known for being the husband of Katie Betzing. She is a popular YouTuber and social media personality.

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How Many Fights Did Josh Brueckner Win?

Josh Brueckner was a renowned amateur MMA fighter with 7 wins before turning professional and going 4-2.

What Happened Between Jatie Vlogs And Maddie And Elijah?

In a series of videos titled “Jatie Vlogs”, YouTube personalities Katie and Elijah claimed that fellow YouTubers Maddie and Elijah were pretending to be in a relationship for views. Maddie and Elijah responded in a video titled “The Truth About Jatie”, denying the allegations and providing evidence to disprove them. In the end, Katie issued an apology to Maddie and Elijah, stating that she believed they were in a real relationship.

Where Does Maddie Joy Live?

Maddie Joy is a YouTuber and Social Media Influencer who was born in Akron, Ohio, United States on November 24, 1998. As of 2019, she is still living in Ohio with her family. Maddie’s parents are very supportive of her work and help to keep her connected to her fans. Maddie has a younger sister named Morgan who also appears in some of Maddie’s YouTube videos. Maddie is very close to her family and they often travel together.

How Long Have Josh And Katie Been Together?

Josh and Katie have been together for about 5 months as of July, 2018.

Are Katie And Josh Still Married?

Josh and Katie are still married, despite having their fans scared for a good 24 hours. The couple first met in 2007 while attending college together, and started dating in 2009. In 2012, they got engaged and married in 2013. They have a joint YouTube channel where they post videos about their lives together, which has over 650,000 subscribers. On July 16th, 2018, Josh uploaded a video titled “Katie’s Ring Got Stolen…,” which quickly went viral. The video was shot by Katie on her phone as she tells the story of how her ring was stolen from her finger at a hotel pool while they were on vacation. The ring was worth $10,000 and was custom designed by Josh. Fans were worried that the theft would cause problems in their marriage, but Josh quickly cleared things up on Twitter, saying that the theft was just a minor setback and that they were still happily married.

How Did Josh Break Both Of His Legs?

Josh Naylor was playing in right field for the Cleveland Indians when he collided with his teammate while trying to catch a fly ball. The impact of the collision caused Josh to break both of his legs.

What Did Josh Do To His Legs?

Josh consumed a cocktail of alcohol, benzodiazepine and depression which led to a catastrophic incident that changed his life forever. He fell asleep with his legs hanging out of the window of his third-story apartment and they bcame caught in the blinds, leading to extensive lacerations and eventually amputation.

Where Does Katie Brueckner Live?

Katie Brueckner is a young YouTuber and social media influencer who was born in Michigan on September 10, 1997. She currently lives in Michigan with her family.

Where Does Katie Betzing Live?

Katie Betzing lives in Gilbert, Arizona. Gilbert is a suburb of Phoenix and is located in the southeast Valley of the sun. It is knwn for its family-friendly atmosphere, numerous parks and trails, and its highly ranked school district.

What College Did Katie Betzing Go To?

Katie Betzing attended a community college near her home. She then completed a few online courses, too. She then decided to study advertising at the University of Michigan.

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