Is Tom free in Hay Day?

Answered by Robert Dupre

Yes, Tom is indeed free in Hay Day, but there are certain conditions and limitations to his services. When Tom is initially unlocked in the game, he generously offers his services for free for three days. This means that players can make use of his abilities and assistance without having to spend any diamonds or coins.

It’s important to note that these three days of Tom’s free services are counted regardless of whether players actually purchase anything from him or not. So even if you don’t take advantage of his help during this time, the three days will still pass.

After the initial three days, if you wish to continue using Tom’s services, you will need to pay with diamonds. The cost of hiring Tom varies depending on the duration you choose. For one day of his assistance, players are charged 15 diamonds. If you plan on utilizing his services for a longer period, you can opt for the five-day package which costs 60 diamonds or the ten-day package for 100 diamonds.

However, there is another way to hire Tom for free. Players have the opportunity to acquire a red booster, which can be used to unlock Tom without spending any diamonds. This booster allows players to enjoy his services without any additional cost for a certain period of time.

While Tom initially offers his services for free in Hay Day for three days, his assistance can be continued by purchasing his services with diamonds. Alternatively, players can also hire him for free using a red booster. So, whether you choose to spend diamonds or make use of boosters, Tom’s help is available to players in Hay Day.