Is the original cast still in Hadestown?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

The original cast of Hadestown is still involved in the production. It’s quite remarkable to see the majority of the principal cast members returning to reprise their roles in this Tony Award-winning musical.

One of the most iconic characters in Hadestown is Hermes, the narrator and messenger of the gods. André De Shields, a Tony-winning actor, is back in the role of Hermes. De Shields brings a captivating presence to the character, effortlessly blending storytelling with his powerful voice and dynamic stage presence. Having him return to the show adds a sense of continuity and familiarity for audiences who fell in love with his portrayal.

Reeve Carney, who originated the role of Orpheus in the Off-Broadway production and continued with the show on Broadway, is also back to play the lovestruck musician once again. Carney’s portrayal of Orpheus is filled with vulnerability and passion, making the audience root for him as he embarks on his journey to rescue his beloved Eurydice from the depths of the underworld.

Eva Noblezada, a Tony-nominated actress, reprises her role as Eurydice, the young woman who finds herself torn between love and survival. Noblezada brings a raw emotional depth to the character, capturing Eurydice’s longing and desperation. Her powerful vocals and nuanced performance make her portrayal of Eurydice truly memorable.

Amber Gray, another Tony-nominated actress, returns to the role of Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld. Gray’s performance as Persephone is a perfect blend of charm and complexity, showcasing the character’s strength and vulnerability. Her chemistry with the other cast members, particularly with Patrick Page as Hades, adds depth to their relationship and enhances the overall storytelling.

Having the original cast members back in their roles allows the audience to experience the magic of Hadestown as it was originally intended. It also speaks to the enduring impact and success of the show, as these talented performers continue to bring their unique interpretations to these beloved characters.

The return of the original cast members in Hadestown is a testament to their exceptional talent and the lasting impact of the show. It’s a rare treat for theatergoers to witness such a cohesive and powerful ensemble, and it adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation for those who are familiar with the production.