Is the havoc hitscan apex?

Answered by Jason Smith

The Havoc Rifle, one of the latest additions to Apex Legends’ arsenal, is a force to be reckoned with. As an expert in the game, I can confidently say that the Havoc is a powerful weapon that can make a significant impact in the arena. However, when it comes to determining whether it is a hitscan weapon or not, the answer is a bit more nuanced.

For those unfamiliar with the term, hitscan refers to a type of weapon that instantly registers hits on an enemy upon firing. This means that there is no travel time for the bullets or projectiles, and the damage is immediately applied to the target. In Apex Legends, most weapons are projectile-based, meaning there is a slight delay between firing and hitting the target due to bullet travel time.

The Havoc Rifle, in its default full-auto mode, is not hitscan. Like most weapons in the game, it fires projectiles that have a travel time. However, where the Havoc stands out is in its charge beam mode. By equipping the Turbocharger hop-up, the Havoc transforms into a hitscan weapon, making it the only hitscan weapon in Apex Legends.

Personal experiences have shown me the devastating power of the Havoc Rifle in both modes. In full-auto mode, its high rate of fire and solid damage per shot make it a formidable choice for close to medium-range engagements. Its recoil can be challenging to control, but with practice, it can be tamed, allowing for accurate bursts of fire.

On the other hand, the charge beam mode with the Turbocharger hop-up is where the Havoc truly shines. The hitscan nature of this mode eliminates any need to lead targets or adjust for bullet drop. The instant damage on target can catch opponents off guard and give you a significant advantage in a firefight.

However, it is worth noting that the Turbocharger hop-up is a rare attachment and not always readily available. This means that while the Havoc has the potential to be a hitscan weapon, it may not always be accessible in that form. It’s important to adapt your playstyle accordingly and make the most of the Havoc’s capabilities in whichever mode it is currently in.

While the Havoc Rifle is not inherently a hitscan weapon, it has the unique ability to become one with the Turbocharger hop-up. This versatility makes it a highly sought-after weapon in Apex Legends, capable of dealing devastating damage in both full-auto and charge beam modes. Whether you prefer the raw firepower of the full-auto mode or the precision of hitscan in charge beam mode, the Havoc is a force to be reckoned with in the arena.