Is the Black Sword good for Kazuha?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

The Black Sword is indeed an excellent weapon choice for Kazuha if you want to build him as a pure DPS character. Its unique effect, which increases damage dealt by normal and charged attacks by 30%, can greatly enhance his damage output. This is especially valuable for Kazuha, as he relies heavily on his normal and charged attacks to deal damage.

The additional benefit of the Black Sword is its health regeneration effect. When Kazuha’s normal or charged attacks land a critical hit, he will regenerate health equal to 80% of his attack stat. This can be incredibly useful in sustaining his HP during battles, providing him with some much-needed survivability.

In terms of playstyle, Kazuha excels at quickly dashing around the battlefield, unleashing fast and continuous attacks. With the Black Sword’s damage boost, his normal and charged attacks become even more potent, allowing him to dish out significant damage to enemies. Additionally, the health regeneration effect can help offset some of the damage he may take during combat, allowing him to stay in the fight longer.

I personally have experienced the effectiveness of the Black Sword on Kazuha. Its damage increase greatly enhances his overall DPS, and the health regeneration effect has saved me on numerous occasions. It’s a fantastic weapon choice for maximizing Kazuha’s damage output while also providing some survivability.

To summarize the benefits of the Black Sword for Kazuha as a pure DPS character:

1. Increased damage: The 30% damage boost to normal and charged attacks significantly enhances Kazuha’s damage output, allowing him to deal more damage to enemies.

2. Health regeneration: The health regen effect of the Black Sword is a valuable bonus, especially for a DPS character like Kazuha who is often in the thick of battle. The ability to regenerate health based on his attack stat can help him sustain himself during fights.

3. Playstyle synergy: Kazuha’s playstyle revolves around quick and continuous attacks, making the Black Sword’s damage boost a perfect fit for him. It complements his fast-paced combat style and amplifies his damage potential.

The Black Sword is an excellent weapon choice for building Kazuha as a pure DPS character. Its damage increase and health regeneration effects synergize well with his playstyle, allowing him to deal significant damage while also maintaining his HP in battle.