Is TenZ out of Sentinels?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

It is true that TenZ is currently not part of the starting lineup for Sentinels in VCT Americas. The decision to replace him with Marved was made due to a combination of factors. Firstly, TenZ was dealing with an injured finger, which likely affected his performance and ability to play at his best. In professional gaming, even a small injury can have a significant impact on a player’s gameplay, so it was understandable that Sentinels wanted to give him some time to recover and heal.

Additionally, TenZ also tested positive for COVID-19, which further complicated his situation. This meant that he not only had to deal with the physical limitations of his injured finger but also had to prioritize his health and well-being during this challenging time. The positive test result meant that he had to isolate and take the necessary precautions to prevent further spread of the virus.

In light of these circumstances, Sentinels made the decision to bring in Marved as a temporary replacement for TenZ during Week 4 of VCT Americas. Marved is a skilled player in his own right, and his addition to the team provided Sentinels with a capable substitute while TenZ recovered from his injuries and COVID-19.

It’s important to note that TenZ’s absence from the starting lineup is temporary and primarily driven by health concerns. Sentinels have not made any official announcements regarding TenZ’s status with the team beyond his current situation. As such, it is reasonable to assume that once he has fully recovered from his finger injury and tested negative for COVID-19, he will likely rejoin the team and resume his position in the starting lineup.

In the world of professional esports, injuries and health issues are not uncommon. Players push themselves to their limits, and sometimes these physical setbacks occur. However, teams like Sentinels understand the importance of player well-being and are willing to make necessary adjustments to ensure their players’ health and long-term success.

While TenZ is currently out of the starting lineup for Sentinels, it is a temporary situation driven by his injured finger and positive COVID-19 test result. Fans can expect him to return to the team once he has fully recovered and is able to perform at his best once again.