Is Tenno an Orokin?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

The question of whether the Tenno are Orokin is a complex one that requires a thorough examination of their origins, characteristics, and relationship to the Orokin race. To delve into this topic, we must first understand the background of the Orokin.

The Orokin were a highly advanced and influential race that once ruled over the Origin System, the vast solar system in which the game Warframe is set. They possessed incredible technological prowess and were known for their opulent and extravagant lifestyle. However, their reign came to an end with the fall of the Orokin Empire, leaving behind only remnants of their once-great civilization.

The Tenno, on the other hand, are a unique group of warriors who are said to be descendants of the Orokin. They possess powerful abilities and wield advanced Warframes, biomechanical suits of armor that enhance their physical and elemental capabilities. The Tenno are often referred to as the “Void children” and are revered as legendary warriors.

While the Tenno share a connection to the Orokin, it is important to note that they are not the same. The Orokin were the rulers and architects of the Origin System, whereas the Tenno were their instruments of war. The Orokin created the Warframes and used them to fight their battles and maintain their dominance. The Tenno, in essence, were the warriors who piloted these Warframes.

The Orokin saw the potential in the Tenno, and through a process known as “transference,” they were able to transfer their consciousness into the Warframes, effectively becoming one with the suits. This allowed the Orokin to harness the Tenno’s immense power and use it to wage war against their enemies.

However, the relationship between the Tenno and the Orokin was not without its complexities. The Orokin treated the Tenno as mere tools, using them to further their own agendas and maintain their grip on power. The Tenno, despite being descendants of the Orokin, were often kept in the dark about their true origins and manipulated for the Orokin’s benefit.

It was only after the fall of the Orokin Empire that the true nature of the Tenno was revealed. As the Orokin civilization crumbled, the Tenno were left adrift, lost and without purpose. They were eventually guided by the Lotus, a mysterious figure who acted as their guide and mentor.

Under the guidance of the Lotus, the Tenno began to uncover their true potential and embarked on a path of redemption and liberation. They fought against the oppressive forces that sought to exploit them and became the defenders of the Origin System, protecting the innocent and standing against tyranny.

While the Tenno are descendants of the Orokin and were created by them, they are distinct entities in their own right. They have forged their own path and purpose, separate from the oppressive rule of the Orokin Empire. The Tenno have embraced their identity as warriors and continue to fight for justice and freedom in the Origin System.