Is Surrey close to London?

Answered by Stephen Mosley

Surrey is indeed close to London. In fact, it is situated just southwest of the city, adjoining the River Thames. This proximity to the capital makes Surrey an attractive location for those who want to live near London but prefer a slightly quieter and more suburban lifestyle.

To give you a better idea of Surrey’s location, let me provide you with some details about its neighboring counties. Berkshire borders Surrey to the northwest, while the Greater London conurbation lies to the northeast. To the east, you will find Kent, and to the south, Sussex. Finally, Hampshire is located to the west of Surrey.

The close proximity of Surrey to London means that commuting between the two is relatively easy. Many people who work in London choose to live in Surrey and commute into the city for work. This is particularly popular among those who prefer a more rural or suburban environment to call home.

Personally, I have experienced the convenience of Surrey’s location firsthand. I used to live in Surrey and work in central London. The daily commute was manageable, with frequent train services connecting major towns in Surrey to London’s main stations. Additionally, the excellent road networks, including the M25 motorway, make travel between Surrey and London relatively hassle-free.

Surrey itself is a beautiful county, known for its picturesque countryside, charming villages, and historic sites. Despite being close to London, it manages to retain a distinct character and offers a peaceful and scenic environment. This makes it an attractive place to live, especially for those who want the best of both worlds – easy access to the bustling capital and the tranquility of the countryside.

Surrey is indeed close to London, situated just southwest of the city. Its convenient location makes it a popular choice for commuters and those who desire a more suburban lifestyle while still having easy access to the capital.