Is Sand Valley building another course?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

Sand Valley Golf Resort is indeed building another golf course. This new course is set to be designed by renowned golf course architect Tom Doak and is scheduled to open in 2024. This is exciting news for golf enthusiasts and fans of Sand Valley, as it means there will be another stunning course to explore and enjoy.

Tom Doak is widely regarded as one of the top golf course designers in the world, known for his ability to create courses that blend seamlessly with the natural landscape. His designs often prioritize strategic shot-making and emphasize the natural contours of the land, resulting in challenging and visually stunning courses.

The decision to bring Tom Doak on board to design the new course at Sand Valley is a testament to the resort’s commitment to providing a high-quality golf experience. Sand Valley Golf Resort already boasts two highly acclaimed courses, the Sand Valley Course and the Mammoth Dunes Course, both of which were designed by another esteemed architect, David McLay Kidd.

Having had the pleasure of playing both the Sand Valley Course and the Mammoth Dunes Course, I can personally attest to the exceptional design and playability of these courses. Each hole offers a unique challenge, and the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape adds to the overall experience.

The addition of a third course designed by Tom Doak is sure to enhance the reputation of Sand Valley Golf Resort as a premier golf destination. Golfers will have even more variety and options to choose from, ensuring that each visit to Sand Valley is a memorable one.

The exact details and features of the new course have yet to be revealed, but based on Tom Doak’s previous work, golfers can expect a course that harmonizes with the natural environment and provides a blend of strategic challenges and breathtaking views.

Sand Valley Golf Resort is indeed building another course, which will be designed by the esteemed architect Tom Doak. This new addition will further solidify Sand Valley’s reputation as a world-class golf destination, offering golfers another exceptional course to explore and enjoy. The anticipation for the opening of this new course in 2024 is certainly high, and I, for one, cannot wait to see what Tom Doak has in store for us.