Is Round mirror good for home?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

Shapes are considered important in vastu shastra, a traditional Indian system of architecture and design. According to this practice, square and rectangular shapes are generally preferred for mirrors as they are believed to spread positive energies evenly throughout a space. On the other hand, oval and circular shapes are not considered the best choice and are often recommended to be avoided.

The reason behind this preference for square and rectangular mirrors lies in the belief that these shapes have a more stable and balanced energy. In vastu shastra, it is believed that the energy flow in a space should be harmonious and balanced in order to create a positive and nurturing environment. Square and rectangular shapes are considered to have a more grounded and structured energy, which is believed to be more beneficial for the overall energy flow in a home.

On the other hand, oval and circular shapes are believed to have a more dynamic and flowing energy. While this can be beneficial in certain contexts, such as in the design of furniture or decorative items, it is generally considered less desirable for mirrors. The belief is that the energy reflected by a round mirror may not be distributed evenly throughout the space, potentially creating imbalances or disturbances in the energy flow.

It is worth noting that the size of the mirror is not typically a concern in vastu shastra. However, any irregular shape, regardless of its size, is generally advised to be avoided. Irregular shapes can disrupt the flow of energy and may create a sense of instability or imbalance in a space.

While these principles and beliefs are deeply rooted in vastu shastra, it is important to remember that personal preferences and individual experiences also play a role in creating a harmonious living environment. If you have a round mirror that you particularly love and feel a positive energy from, it may not necessarily have negative effects on your home. Ultimately, the most important aspect is to create a space that resonates with you and promotes a sense of well-being.