Is Polly short for Elizabeth?

Answered by Jason Smith

Polly is not typically short for Elizabeth. While Polly is a common nickname for Mary or Dorothy, it is not commonly associated with the name Elizabeth.

The nickname Polly is derived from the nicknames Molly and Dolly, which are more commonly used as diminutives for Mary and Dorothy respectively. It is important to note that nicknames can vary based on cultural and regional differences, so there might be some instances where Polly is used as a nickname for Elizabeth, but this is not the common association.

In terms of historical usage, Polly has been used as a standalone name as well. It has a charming and endearing quality to it, and some parents may choose to name their child Polly without it being a nickname for another name.

It is also worth mentioning that names and their associated nicknames can evolve and change over time. While Polly is not traditionally associated with Elizabeth, there may be individuals who choose to use Polly as a nickname for Elizabeth due to personal preference or family tradition.

While Polly is commonly associated with Mary or Dorothy, it is not typically considered a nickname for Elizabeth. However, it is important to keep in mind that names and nicknames can be subjective, and personal preferences may vary.