Is Mirri a good healer?

Answered by Cody Janus

Let me tell you, Mirri is an absolute beast when it comes to healing. As a Nightblade with the Soul Thief class skill line, she has all the tools she needs to keep you and your group healthy while also dealing damage to the enemies.

The Soul Thief skill line is perfect for a healing Nightblade. It has abilities like Strife, which allows Mirri to place a damage over time effect on an enemy while simultaneously healing herself and nearby allies. This skill is great for keeping everyone topped up on health while still contributing to the damage output.

Another useful ability from the Soul Thief line is Funnel Health. This skill not only deals damage to enemies, but it also heals Mirri and allies in a cone in front of her. It’s a great way to deal damage while also providing some much-needed healing to the group.

But Mirri doesn’t stop there. She also dips into other skill lines to further enhance her healing abilities. The Restoration Staff skill line, for example, provides her with skills like Grand Healing, which creates a healing area that gradually restores health to all allies within it. This is perfect for those moments when the group needs a burst of healing.

Additionally, Mirri can utilize skills from the Guilds skill tree to bring even more healing power to the table. The Mages Guild skill line, for instance, offers skills like Healing Ward, which creates a protective shield that absorbs damage and then heals the target. This can be a lifesaver in tough situations where the group is taking heavy damage.

Now, I know all this information might seem overwhelming, but trust me, Mirri is more than capable of handling it all. She’s been my go-to healer in countless dungeons and trials, and she’s never let me down.

One of the things I love most about Mirri as a healer is her versatility. She can adapt to different situations and playstyles with ease. Whether you need steady healing over time or big burst heals, she’s got you covered.

But it’s not just her skills that make her a great healer. Mirri’s playstyle and attention to detail are what truly set her apart. She’s always aware of the group’s health bars and knows when to prioritize healing certain individuals. She’s also quick to react to unexpected damage spikes and can keep everyone alive even in the most chaotic situations.

Mirri is an exceptional healer. With her Nightblade Soul Thief skills, combined with abilities from the Restoration Staff and Guilds skill lines, she has all the tools necessary to keep you and your group healthy while dealing damage to the enemies. Her versatility, playstyle, and attention to detail make her a valuable asset in any group content. So, if you ever have the chance to team up with Mirri, consider yourself lucky because you’ll be in very capable hands.